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Hi, I'm Dr. Shola


As a doctor, life coach, public speaker, best selling author, wife, mother, and marriage minister, I have mastered the art of juggling many hats.

Embrace Positive Change Today!

In our various lives, we invest so much time and money in our businesses, TVs, furniture, holidays and so much more. However, the real deal is what actually creates the difference is your happiness and accomplishments throughout our days, and we invest barely a little in this.

Imagine tackling your issues in an environment that will provide you with a sense of total security, self-belief, confidence and a precise focus.

Picture what it will do to your relationships and goals.

I collaborate with high achieving professional women, to help you live The Balanced Life through one on one coaching.
Let me take you on a walk to discovering your amazing potential.
Dr. Shola

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If you want to start living a balanced, wholesome, fulfilled life, start here…

I created a simple solution called the 5 Pillars of Balanced Living to help you!

Achieve More and Fully Live Your Biggest Dreams!

Are you Ready to Achieve Your Balanced Life?

Not experiencing the perfect marriage?
Your daily life isn’t that exactly what you’ve dream of?
Your dreams and ambitions aren’t looking feasible?
Lost in thought about your purpose in life?
Well, you’re certainly not alone… we’ve all been there before too!

So let me ask you, what burning desire have you been wanting to accomplish?

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