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Hi, I'm Dr. Shola


As a doctor, life coach, public speaker, best selling author, wife, mother, and marriage minister, I have mastered the art of juggling many hats.

Now people ask me,

“How do you manage it all?”

The Balanced Life is the answer. Once you master the five pillars of balance you will build on this in order to get out of survival mode, chase your dreams fearlessly, and live the life that God wants for you!

I work with high achieving professional women, to help you live The Balanced Life through one on one coaching.

Let me show you how.

I Blog.

If you want to start living a balanced, wholesome, fulfilled life, start here…

I created a simple solution called the 5 Pillars of Balanced Living to help you!

Achieve More and Fully Live Your Biggest Dreams!

Are you Ready to Achieve Your Balanced Life?

Is it having the perfect marriage?

Is it having your everyday life running smoothly with no issues?

Is it accomplishing your goals and dreams?

Maybe you have dreamed about become an author, life coach, or public speaker?

Maybe you struggle to understand how to find your purpose?

Well, you’re not alone…I’ve been there before too!

So let me ask you, what burning desire have you been wanting to accomplish?

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