10 Lessons I Learned, From Hosting My Own Event

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10 Lessons I Learned, From Hosting My Own Event

Welcome back To Balance With Dr Shola

On Sept 16th 2017 I hosted my yearly event, The Balanced Life Total Makeover. It was a resounding success, well attended, people were informed inspired and empowered. I am also launching into my next phase, an online video coaching course, and there were enthusiastic sign ups to this, also.

You learn something new everyday, and I learned a few lessons from this event:

1. You never know how much you mean to people: Get up, be bold, and do you, because you never know how much your gifts, wisdom, talents, and obedience to the voice of God on the inside of you will help the next person find their blessing and peace. You may take your gifts for granted but there are people out there who will never be more than they are until you come along.

2. No one can package or present your gift like you: So do you. There may be many people doing what you are doing, but no one does it like you.

3. When you have an event, feed people well: My mom has always told me this. I realized that I actually just love to feed people. Let’s just say, if you come to an event that I am hosting, and you are on a diet, that will be your “cheat day”.
4. There will always be imperfections in a thing: Do your best, and keep things moving. Fix them next time. Do not go into analysis paralysis just because of a fear of imperfections. You learn with every move that you make. If Steve Jobs were to have waited for perfection in the iPhone, he would have died without releasing it to the world.


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5. Believe in your supporters, clients, and friends: Value the people, the tribe that God has given you to bless, to impact, to do life with. Give them more thought, more energy, more time than you give to your naysayers.

6. Ignore the naysayers: As above. Ignore the few naysayers that you may have. The more you focus on them, the more power they have over you.

7. Sometimes you have to bite off more than you can chew, because it is better to choke on greatness than chew on mediocrity: Yeah.
8. Take care of your health especially if standing for 3-4 hours at a stretch is in your future: Your health is your greatest wealth, you need to be at your peak for the long haul that is life.
9. The more money you make, the more people you can help: The more money you make, the more you can have to bless the world around you.
10. Involve your children in your business: If you have a business, and idea, a charity, an event, involve your children. They learn a lot more from doing than they can learn from sitting in a classroom. My children helped to set up, one of them opened the event with a piano piece, and they felt good about being involved.

What lessons are you learning from your everyday experiences?

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Have a wonderful day.
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Dr. Shola

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