10 Small Changes For Large Impact–Physical Health

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10 Small Changes For Large Impact–Physical Health


1.  Set goals: For example- slow, healthy, weight loss; reduce blood pressure; increase activity; replace a bad health habit; get regular check ups .  Set reasonable, “bite-sized” goals. Don’t try to pack everything into a short period of time eg: “trying to get a summer body”.

2. Replace soda & juices with unsweetened tea and water.  Even diet drinks/artificial sweeteners will drive the cravings.

3. Embrace activity: Park further from the office or store, walk up a flight stairs instead of using the elevator; walk the aisles when you go grocery shopping.  Strive for 10,000 steps per day.During commercials while watching TV: march, squats, jumping jacks, push ups.  Remember to be a child again.Dance to your favorite tune while cooking, cleaning or any chore.

4. Eat slower, put your fork down between bites.  If you are hungry between meals, drink water and wait 20 minutes.  Wait 20 minutes after a meal to decide on dessert; your brain has to catch up with your stomach to decide if its full.

5. Eliminate/drastically reduce wheat products, juices and sugar from your diet

6. 50%-75% of your plate should be veggies; make it colorful.

7. Get 7-8 hours of sleep per day.  Sleep deprivation increases cortisol levels which increases belly fat. If you do not sleep, you won’t lose weight.

8. Reward yourself with non-food items. Let your “treat” be something other than food.

9. Drink WATER! Juice is not water; gatorade is not water; coffee is not water.

10. Relax: if you fall of the wagon on the way to your goals, get up, dust off your butt, and carry on without any guilt or shame.

What other tips can you add to this list?

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