10 Tips For Improving Your Mindset

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10 Tips For Improving Your Mindset


Your mind is your own, and you have more power over your own mind than you may sometimes believe. Here are 10 quick tips to help improve your mindset.

1. “Take no thought”. You are not meant to accept every thought that comes into your head. Break state and change your mind. If your thoughts

2. Feed your mind “healthy food”. Think the right things, read the right things, watch the right things, associate with the right people. 

3. Guard your gates: your eyes and your ears are gates through which your mind is fed. There are some things that you should not watch or listen to, in order for your mind to stay healthy. 

4. Meditate, and ponder the things that you want to gain. For example, I ponder on balance A LOT and I ask myself all the time:  Am I off balance in this area or that area? How can I be the best balanced living coach in the world? How can I be a better parent? And answers come to my mind.

5. Gratitude makes for a positive mindset. You can be grateful in the midst of adverse circumstances. Functioning from a joyful positive mindset makes you mentally stronger than trying to function from a sad negative place. 

6. Take out time to think. In our “rush-rush” world of today we need to take time to focus on ourselves, our mind, and what we think. Yes, think about what you think about. Do your mindsets serve God, serve you, and serve your highest purpose to the world? If not, it’s time to change. If you don’t take time to think, it won’t just happen and you may spend your time rushing from pillar to post on autopilot.

7. Realize that changing the way you think and see life, takes time. Embrace the process. 

8. Read! Read books that can help you go to your next level, and take you to where you want to be. 


9. Embrace a creative pursuit or form of play. It could be writing, playing an instrument,  playing a sport for leisure; bird watching, fiction reading, basket making, experimental cookery, and the list is endless. Before you ask, TV does not count. 

10. Get help . If you have trouble with mental blocks, unwholesome mindsets and limiting beliefs, you may need a life coach to help you sweep away the mental cobwebs. 


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