Become A Successful Published Author With These Easy Steps!

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Become A Successful Published Author With These Easy Steps!

Welcome back To Balance With Dr Shola
Are you ready to write and publish your book?
A. Before You Write:

1. Know what the unique message of your book is: Is it fiction, non-fiction, self help, a religious book? What do you want to communicate to your readers. Do you want them to laugh, better themselves, think deeper? Is your book a “how-to” book; a biography or autobiography? What is your unique message and what makes your message/story/how-to, different from others. Dig deep and think.
2. Know who your audience is: To whom are you writing? If you can answer this question, then you will be able to speak the language of your audience. Is your audience male, female, religious, spiritual, non-religious, older, younger, A lot of people say: “everyone is my audience”. This just means that you have no audience. You are not Paul the apostle, you cannot be “all things to all men”. Decide who you want to speak to with your unique message and write in their language.

3. Talk to your potential target audience: Talk to them and find out about what they need! If you are thinking about writing a children’s book, talk to parents. Visit blogs and events. Put your ear to the ground and get to know what their pain points are. If you are thinking of a self help or “how-to” book, ask the people you are writing for about what there needs are. You may already be in a position to know about your target market is, by virtue of being in that group yourself. Leverage what you know into writing your book.
4. Start building your platform: Start connecting with people who will be potential buyers of your book. This is the part that people often shy away from. Think about this, however. What would be the point of writing your book with no one to read it? Not because it is not good, but because your target audience has no knowledge of it. If you are a Pastor or religious leader, your congregation is your platform. If you are a celebrity, your audience is your platform. If you do not have a platform, do not despair, the Age of Social Media was made for you! Even simple daily Facebook posts around the topic of your book will get people to know you and attract your target audience to you. A blog is a good idea as most social media platforms change their rules for posting every now and then. In addition, a blog gives you content and material that you can repurpose for your book!

B. Writing:
1. Start: The journey of 1000 miles begins with a step. High hills grow less as we ascend them. Rome was not built in a day. If you have never written a book, start by putting your ideas down on paper. Develop the discipline of writing everyday. If you write for 30 minutes a day (500 words), in 6 months you would have written two books! If you write for 15 minutes a day you will have a book in 6 months! Leverage the power of incremental change to help you write. If you already have your book organized into chapters, good for you. If you do not, that is something that an editor can help you with.
2. Continue: You will eventually come to a point that Michael Hyatt calls “the messy middle”. This is the point where your enthusiasm wanes, and you wonder if you can do it, if you should do it, why bother, who am I to?….Stop right there, go back to why you started, grit your teeth and get back to work. Unfortunately I do not have a magic pill for going through the process. Keep going. You will learn something in the process. Think about this. If you never write that book and you look back; and the only thing that held you back was your excuses, how would you feel? Get an accountability partner if need be, and, push! Take your writing as seriously as you take your job.
3 Finalize: I once met a guy who kept on redrafting and re drafting and redrafting his book. In the time that he had redrafted his book three times, I had published two books. We eventually lost contact, but I wonder about him sometimes. I have not seen his published work and I wonder if he is still redrafting… Do not redraft until you have come to an end. Then put it away for one or two weeks before you redraft. Redraft once, and then give it to a friend who is keen on literary matters, to look it over.
4. Editing: Send it to a professional editor after a friend has read it. Ideally, your book should go through two to three layers of editing.

C. Publishing: 
1. Register with copyright: Copyright your work. Published work becomes public domain after 70 years or so, but you can pass down the copyright to your children. In addition you do not want people plagiarizing your ideas without you having a a recourse, should it come to that.
2. Publishing: There a different types of publishing- traditional, assisted self-publishing, and self publishing. There is also ebook and kindle publishing. Self publishing is the easiest, but there can be a huge financial outlay. To get a book in the door of a traditional publisher, you will need a well connected literary agent and you will also need a rather large platform already. These are not hard steps to navigate if you have a knowledgeable coach to take you through the steps and connect you with the right resources.
Congratulations! You are now a published author!
Does all this sound overwhelming? Do not worry. If you want to go from scribbler to published author, and choose to work with me, I will hold your hand every step of the way, connecting you to my resources and walking side by side with you. As a two time Amazon bestseller, I have learnt from the best and I have the know-how to make this success happen for you. We will have video calls to brainstorm, check your progress, and go to the next steps. I offer free unlimited tutorials and you have access to me via phone and email. 

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See you soon!
At your service,
Dr. Shola

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