6 Things That You Need To Know About Your Dream

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6 Things That You Need To Know About Your Dream

Your dreams are calling you. Will you answer? Here are some things that you need to know about your dream, partially adapted from a series that Les Brown taught a few years ago.

1. It’s you:

What is it that you dream of doing? Do you want to kick a bad habit, go back to school to get a degree, write a book, build a business, get back into the work force? It is you. It does not have to be what everyone one else is doing. It does not have to meet the approval of everyone you meet. They may not see it, they may not understand, because it is you. It is something you need to do, to pursue, to get started. The fact that no one else “sees” it does not make your dream, vision, goal or expectation, illegitimate.

2. It’s possible:

The Bible says, to him that believes, all things are possible. The belief in the possibility of a thing is one of the things that separates the men from the boys. Even if you do not see the solution ahead of you( that is why it is a dream, not yet a reality), you need to believe, “this will come to pass for me”, “I can do it”. When you know that it is possible for your dream to come to pass, you will go for it with every fiber of your being; because you know that in a matter of time, your dreams will come to pass.

3. It’s worth it:

A sense of fulfillment in realizing your visions, is worth it. The fact that you have this dream, means that there is something that you need to do. If you are already at your goal weight, you would not have a dream to lose weight. If you already have a thriving business , you would not have a dream to own one. Apart from the fact that you have a sense of satisfaction at realizing your dreams, you will be an inspiration to others in a similar struggle. It is worth it because if not for you, those people that you are sent to inspire and bless, may have no other image to look to! It is important. It is worth it. Everything you go through to make your dream come to pass is worth the dream.

4. It’s hard:

Let us once and for all, give up this notion that life is easy. The Bible states that dreams come from a multitude of business. I must admit that I do not know exactly what that verse means, but realization dreams do not come about by a laissez-faire attitude to your dream. Towards the end of my medical school finals (my dream was to graduate), I remember, studying for 18 hours straight (except for meal and potty breaks)! That fact that you meet resistance, does not mean that you should give up. If a door has been closed, it does not mean that God has closed it. You may lose ground, lose money, lose sleep and have to make sacrifices, but it is worth the trouble.

5. It’s collaborative:

Show me a “self made man” and I will show you a liar. Nobody succeeds in life without help. It could be free help, paid for help, didn’t-even-ask-for-it help; never-knew-I-needed-it-until-it-showed-up help; any help. A millionaire today, once had his diapers changed by somebody. There are people that will come along side you and help you fulfill your dream. That teacher, that mentor, that doctor, that friend, that person who have you some offhand advice that catapulted you to the next level. There is no glory in trying to “go it alone”. Take genuine offers of help with gladness; take legitimate offers of assistance without guilt.

It Takes A Village, Get Help!

6. It’s necessary:

Your dreams, your visions, your calling, your goals, your expectations….
They are necessary that you bring them to pass. Why? Because you and your world depends on it. For example: if you go back to school and get a college degree, you may be able to increase your income level. If you increase your income level, you may be able to have a more comfortable life. In addition, you may inspire those around you- your friends, your children, your networks. If you weigh 400 lbs, what health benefits would you gain if you lost 200 of those pounds? Your risk of diabetes and heart disease would be drastically lowered. What if you started that business? It may mean more flexible time, more money, a legacy for others. It’s necessary.

What other things do we need to know about our dreams? I would love to hear from you. Please drop a line below.


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