What If… ? 7 Life Changing Questions

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What If… ? 7 Life Changing Questions

dont die in the valley


What if?

What if we changed our beliefs about certain things and the way we see life? What if we stopped leaving life to chance (calling it “leaving it to God”)? In some (and at times, all) areas of life, we sometimes sit on the fence instead of taking action. Sometimes we say that we “are praying about it”. At other times we bury our heads in the sand and remain in denial. My Pastor Mayowa Ijisesan preached a most practical message on giving life everything you have got, by asking these questions, each one starting with “What If”.

1.What If I believe that I am good enough to be all that I need to be?

You are good enough. I do not mean that you are perfect. I mean that, with all your flaws, failings, foibles, experiences, setbacks, God can still use you. Do not take this to mean that you do not need to work on yourself. You do not, however, have to wait until you are perfect before you set out to achieve what God has called you to achieve. You may be waiting forever! As you step out in faith, God will help you take the needed steps to correct things that need correcting. Some things may not even be flaws but character quirks needed for what you need to do. Personally, I know that I need to work on being more diplomatic, with possibly a less strident voice. At times I have wondered, “I could have said this like so-and-so”, or, “I should have sounded calmer”. The truth is, I am working on it, but I will not let things like this prevent me from doing the things that I need to do. You are good enough.

2.What If I believe I can do what I set my mind to do?

If you believe it, you can receive it. If you imagine it, you will attract it. If you set your mind to do the things that you are equipped to do, you will achieve them. Instead of just praying for a job, apply for the job too. Instead of just praying for a ministry, reach out to everyone you meet. Instead of waiting for a big break, take small steps to change your situation, pay off that debt, lose that weight, get that degree. That you have an idea, shows you are probably in the right place. Set your mind and do it!

3.What If I believe that natural financial principles work?

Budgeting, saving and planning are not anti-faith. God has to have something to work with. Do you max out your credit cards and “pray” for a miracle? Do you tithe faithfully, but have no budget? Do you give offerings and treat God like a money doubler? God cannot be bought. Plan and budget. These principles work.

4.What If I believe that if I raise my children, they will turn out right?

I meet people who are surprised that my children are polite, or ask intelligent questions; or have more than just basic knowledge of certain subjects, given their ages. Well, children do not turn out right just because there parents are Christian or godly. We all know the “preacher’s kid” reputation, and what a sad one it is! Raising of children has to be deliberate and intentional. The Bible says train up a child, not, pray and leave it to God. Do not leave your children’s education, spirituality, health, or character development to chance.

5.What If I believe that if I treat my spouse well, my marriage will work?

This goes both ways of course. Just be nice to your spouse. Treat them with the same politeness and respect that you treat regular church members and a lot of problems will be solved. Do not treat your spouse badly. Do not cuss them out. Do not invalidate their feelings or opinons. Be their encourager, their cheerleader,their sounding board. Be kind.

6.What If I believe that I can get good grades by studying seriously?

If you are a student you will not get good grades, by praying about it alone. God will not read for you or write the exam for you. You have to study hard (God expects you to work hard), and pray for guidance, good memory, focus. Why would God put his other children in harm’s way because of you? For example would you want a doctor who had fake good grades (if that were possible), but knew very little medicine? If you knew your car mechanic got bad grades or flunked out of school, would you take you car to him and risk car damage or worse? No. So study, do your part, get all the help you need, to get good grades and know your field.

7. What If I believe that if I take care of my health, I will live a long healthy life?

This one really spoke to me because as a doctor, I could do a lot more to improve my health. I exercise and watch what I eat (most of the time), but I tend to not go for doctor visits (I know, right…). I plan to do better. Do not leave your health to chance, it is too precious. I have no issues with praying for God’s healing, but even Jesus who actually healed people said: The sick have need of doctors. The Bible says “…he who does not use his endeavors to heal himself is a brother to him who commits suicide”! Please take care of your health, both medically and holistically. See a doctor yearly. If you have an illness, you should go three to four times per year. Exercise daily. Reduce your sugar intake. Eat less processed food. Get proper rest. Take vitamins. Get massages. Take care of  yourself.

What If?

In what other ways do we leave our lives to chance? Please leave a comment below.

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dont die in the valley


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