After All I Have Done For You

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After All I Have Done For You


After All I Have Done For You….

This week I have decided to talk about relationships, not marital relationships per se, just the relationships that we find ourselves in. Relational Balance is one of the aspects of Balanced Living.

Lately, scenarios like this have been pooping up on my radar-

A relationship goes south (any relationship: BFF/BFF; doctor/patient; pastor/congregant; mentor/protegee, brother/sister).I purposely left romantic relationships out of this equation due to their own particular complexities.

One party takes to either social media or social circles telling on the other party, talking about “After all I did for them, they did x or they said y” or “they left me after all I did for them” or “my patient reported me after I bent over backwards…”

I personally have been the “victim” of people who forget all the good you ever did for them the moment you do something wrong.

Let’s all hold it right there and get over ourselves: 

  1. People are seldom grateful forever
  2. Even after “all you did for them” they did some good for you too.
  3. If you are doing good just to get something back, then you should not have bothered in the first place
  4. Move on, what is done is done
  5. Get over the feeling that someone owes you something
  6. People are people and they do not come with guarantees.
  7. Love is messy.

What ways have you used to get over the “After-All-Have-Done-For-You” feelings?

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