Balance With Dr. Shola: Discovering Your Calling

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Balance With Dr. Shola: Discovering Your Calling

Welcome back to Balance with Dr Shola! 

Do you want to walk in your purpose and calling? 

How do you know what it is?

I follow Michael Hyatt and I listened to one of his podcasts which revolutionized my thinking as far as calling is concerned. I am one of those few people who discovered my calling early in life and I have consistently worked towards it. Little did I know that there are are practical steps that you can take, questions that you can ask yourself that can guide you towards finding your calling. 

Now, the word calling comes from the Latin word Vocare from where we get the word vocation.

My calling is to teach people to live a balanced life. I do that through my work as a doctor, a life coach, a writer, and a speaker. 

No one can tell you your calling and you will need time to sit down and pray and meditate. Your calling will feel as though it comes from outside of you but calls to something on the inside of you. It will have an appeal on many levels and it will be hard to ignore. It is for you alone and not the whole world. It is optional, and you may refuse to answer it. Your words will however be better off if you answer your calling’s calling. One more thing about your calling is that it will be of benefit to others and not just you. If it is only for you benefit, it is not a calling. 

Your calling can be found at the intersection of these three things: Passion, Natural Competency, and Value. These three do not stand alone and they can be likened to the three legs of an old fashioned barstool. Without all three legs, you don’t have a reliable stool. 

1. Passion: Ask yourself these questions:What did you like to do when you were a child?What are you naturally drawn to? What books do you find yourself reading over and over again?What blogs do you follow? What excites you? If money as no object what would you do tirelessly for free? If you do not have passion for it, you will quickly fizzle out when you come to any small obstacle. For example, I am passionate about speaking and writing to inform and teach people. I will write for pay, I will write for free. I publish on my blog weekly and it doesn’t matter whether traffic is up or down. I taught a three and a half hour seminar, and I was not even tired afterwards. That is passion.

2. Competency : What are you good at? Where do your natural talents lie? Are you good at math, organizing, writing, coming up with business plans; getting people to talk about themselves; counseling; solving specific problems; diplomacy? As I said before, you may have to do a lot of praying, meditating and soul searching especially if you have never given thought to this before. What are you good at? For example I am very good at analytical reasoning and it has helped me a lot as a doctor. I also write and speak very well. My intonation is a bit strange to most people being a hybrid of Nigerian, Guyanese, English and American accents but in spite of this (or maybe because of?), people listen when I speak. I have also joined various speaking organizations such as toastmasters and the national speakers association to improve my speaking competency. If you are good at something, do more of it to get better at it. If you are not good at something but you have passion for it, you will fail and it will benefit no one.

3. Value: What do people need? What do they want? What are they willing to pay for? If it benefits only you it is not a calling, it is hobby. Your gifts, talents, passions, purpose and callings are meant to be help your world. Even if you are called to start a charity (whose beneficiaries of course cannot pay), if you are passionate about it and good at what you do, benefactors will line up behind the cause! People pay me for speaking and my books. People have also told me how much my program has benefitted them in their walk. A balanced life? You bet! Everyone is seeking balance in some way or the other and my clients pay me to help them find balance in there lives so that they too can pursue their purpose with passion.

Some concluding thoughts: 

If you have passion with no competency and no value, you will fizzle out and fail as people turn away from an inevitably bad product. For example, I love stand up comedy, but I am not able to be funny on cue. Passion, no competency. If you have competency with no value to anyone, you just have a hobby. If you have competency and market value but no passion, you will sooner or later get bored. This for me was the point I reached practicing medicine in modern USA. I got bored with the healthcare industry machine and even though I am very good at what I do, the passion for treating patients, informing them, and helping them live healthier lives was choked out by increasing arcane bureaucratic demands which are really more about the bottom line than the patients themselves. 

What if you feel you are called to many different things? What if you are multitalented? Your talents may be for different times. For exampleWill Smith was a rapper, then a comedy actor, then a movie star, and now a movie director. If he had sat back and said, well I really want to be a movie director and not got involved in what was placed in front of hm, while working on his other skills, we may never have heard of him. You can work with each of them to see which one is a best fit for you…I used to sing, speaking was very minimal, then I used to do poetry…all this was preparing me to be a speaker. If I had not taken the opportunities in front of me, I may not be here today. 

If you need help deciding what your calling might be, you can book a strategy session with me through the link below. Let us talk it through. It is an empowering thing to be able to live with balance and step into your calling. Let’s do this!

* On April 15th, my 40th birthday, these prices will be subject to an upward review. 

This will be the last two weeks at the current rate. *

“Transformation through balance”

“A balanced life is a beautiful life”

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