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After a short hiatus of about 4 days, I am back. My husband and I took a couple of days away, to retreat, rest and recharge. During the past few days I got to thinking about the first half of the year, what I had accomplished, what I still had do do, and how I was going to go about working on all the things that I believe God would have me do. I realized a few things.

1. The Gregorian Calendar is man made: God does not necessarily deal with us in terms of January to December. So if you thought you would have a certain thing by the middle of the year or by so and so date and it hasn’t happened yet, don’t lose hope. God is still there for you and working things out on your behalf.

2. Write your dreams, goals and desires in a book and assign time DAILY to go over them. Work towards your dreams with reasonable goal setting. If you do not write down your dreams and goals, how will you know when you have achieved them? Whether your dream is to lose ten pounds, get a better job or increase your Grade Point Average write it down and work towards it.

3. Think big, start small, act now: Imagine all the great things you can be. God can use you to accomplish great things if you believe that He can. Start with what you have. You want to write a book? Write a page a day. You want to lose 50 lbs? Start by cutting out sodas, exercising 15 minutes a day and not eating past 7 pm. You want better grades? Spend 2 hours extra a day studying. Act now, don’t wait until before the holidays, after the holidays, when you move house, your next grade level. Stop procrastinating, it wastes your life away!

4. Help someone: If you are not helping anyone in any way, you are wasting away. If you think your life is all about you, you are seriously deluded! When you help others you are stepping up to a higher level of living. You have something to give, no matter how small. Give a beggar some money, volunteer in a shelter, help out in church, mentor someone, support a charity, invite a lonely friend over for dinner, pray for someone. Helping others is not hard, if you really want to.

5. Keep learning: No one knows it all, and by learning, you increase your capacity for excellence. Read books, take courses, go to conferences, take a class. If you stop learning, you stop growing and if you stop growing you start dying inside.

Well here it is, happy rest-of-the-year!


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