I Am Sorry

In relationships, especially in marriage, the word “sorry” is used pretty often. Yet, sometimes an apology given wrongly, or with the wrong attitude can make the offended party feel even worse than if he/she had not even been apologized to. Here are some pitfalls one can avoid when saying those magic […]

Hey I’m The Parent: Part 2

                                         In “Hey I’m The Parent: Part 1” we dealt with being: fun, consistent, an example for your children to follow; and being “the parent”.Here we focus on being loving, being there for your children and showing pride in the things that they do.
5.Be loving:You love your children,tell them so!Yes, tell them everyday and in different ways,whether they have done well that day or not.Tell them, no matter how old they are,they will not get tired of hearing it.Needless to say, loving […]

Hey, I’m the parent! Part 1

                                   Children…what would we do without them?Yet there are times when it is so easy to get bogged down by little details and not see the big picture in terms of doing the right thing by our kids. This is by no mean a thesis on child rearing, and everyday I learn something new, something insightful to help my children navigate the path to adulthood. Here are a few tips.
1.Be consistent:In  consistency lies the power…..the power to create change.Be […]

Happy Easter

Happy resurrection day everyone! Today is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ who God sent as a sacrifice to redeem mankind. This poem is about the love of God which necessitated such sacrifice.
Brighter far than the noonday harmattan sun,
Higher than the snow-capped peaks of Everest,
Deeper far than the trench of Marianas,
Stronger than a destructive tornado,
More electrifying than streaks of lightning,
Much louder than a clap of thunder,
More radiantly beautiful than a summer sunset,
More fragrant than a big […]

You Are More Than This

The following poem is an excerpt from my soon to be released book titled Shoetry(pronounced Sho-etry, rhymes with poetry). The poem is dedicated to women.
                                   You are more than this
Are you crying, weeping, bound in the grips of addiction?
Desperately searching for the next fix;
A lifetime lost in a downward spiral, chasing after the highs.
Are you sharp, a hard worker, focused solely on the job at hand?
A desperate climb up the ladder;
No time for God, family or friends, just a ruthless climb […]

Woman Killers

As you probably know, or maybe not, breast cancer is not the number one killer of women in the United States of America. It is heart disease. With knowledge comes power, and I’m just going to talk about 5 things that increase ones risk for heart disease, as well as worsen heart disease if one already has it.(This applies to men too, by the way).
Smoking: Yep! The cancer sticks are not just cancer sticks; they are heart-attack-sticks and stroke-sticks as […]

Are you ready?

Do think you are ready to be married? Yes really ready, I’m not talking about butterflies in your stomach, he/she takes your breath away; and I am not talking about setting a wedding date. This is about asking yourself questions about whether you are truly ready to spend the rest of your life living in harmony with this person that you are getting married to.
A friend of mine posted this on her website( and I have her permission to […]

What gain?

People in the main
Look at me with disdain
They ask what’s the gain
In being born again
They think it’s all pain
They think it’s insane
They do not know the gain
In being born again
Jesus Christ gives life
In a world that is rife
With bitterness and strife
Death by gun and by knife
Jesus gives security
Love for you and me
Light for us to see
Life for all eternity
He wants us all to be
Pure and holy, good as he
So in heaven we can be
When from the earth we flee
You […]