You Can Do It! Don’t Give Up

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You Can Do It! Don’t Give Up

Welcome back to Balance with Dr Shola!

It is often said that online,  people only share the glossy aspects of their life. As such, this can give other people unrealistic expectations about what life should be like. 

Here is the truth:

The grind is not easy. The hustle is not light. 

Here is a picture of me, yesterday.

No make up. No fancy hair. No fancy glasses. Sweatpants. Old T-shirt. Working out. One hour every day, five days a week. 

What ever it is you have to do, work at it. Work at it and never give up. Give it your all. Remember this: no goal was ever attend without sweat. The fact that something is not easy does not mean that you should give up. As long as you can see progress, just keep going. If you do not see progress, you may need to change your methods, but keep going anyway. 

Instead of ruminating on the sacrifices that you’re making, think of what you are trying to achieve. When you get a mental picture of what you are trying to achieve you will forget about the sacrifices. In fact, you stop seeing them as sacrifices, but as things that are moving you closer to your goal. There is a balance to this, however. Do not throw away your health or your important relationships for the sake of anything external. 

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