The Five Pillars of Balance: Parents Edition

What is a balanced child? A balanced child is one whose parents are paying careful attention to the five pillars of balance namely, spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and relational. This does not mean that you have all the answers or have it all down pat. It is the application of the five pillars of balance in order to produce a well-rounded child who is a joy to himself/herself, her parents and the community at large.
So, when it comes to […]

How To Help An Overweight Child-5 Keys

If a child is 10%-20% over his or her appropriate body weight, that child is said to be overweight. If above 20%, the child is obese.In America, 30% of children are overweight or obese. If your child is overweight, medical causes such as thyroid diseases and other hormonal diseases should be ruled out. Once they are ruled out, it is up to you as a parent to support your child on the road to becoming more healthy. Here are […]

Raising Balanced Children


What is a balanced child? A balanced child is one whose parents are paying careful attention to the following aspects of his or her life. This does not man that you have all the answers or have it all down pat.

So, when it comes to balanced children, what areas are these that are paramount?

Spiritual: Teach your children what you believe. Bring them up in the ways of God. Give God first place in your home and let your children […]

What If… ? 7 Life Changing Questions

What if?
What if we changed our beliefs about certain things and the way we see life? What if we stopped leaving life to chance (calling it “leaving it to God”)? In some (and at times, all) areas of life, we sometimes sit on the fence instead of taking action. Sometimes we say that we “are praying about it”. At other times we bury our heads in the sand and remain in denial. My Pastor Mayowa Ijisesan preached a most […]

It Takes A Village, Get Help!

Relationships, Getting Help and Delegation
More than one person has reminded me, behind the scenes, that I have a full time nanny, and that enables me to do the things that I do. I just decided to address the elephant in the room, such that it is.
Not only do I have a nanny, I also have cleaners, I have partners in ministry, I have a business coach, I have a publisher, I have a web developer, I have […]


Fathers are very important. They are the bedrock of society. Without fathers there would be no children, and without children there would be no families and no societal growth. Fathers are however maligned in popular media, and a lot of times portrayed in a bad light. Some fathers have not lived up to societal expectations. Some fathers have indeed abandoned their families in the name of career, extramarital affairs and other things. There are however a great many fathers […]

3 Strategies for intentional change

If you read my last post, see it here, you will see that I was talking about becoming intentional about life, especially aspects of your life that need growth and change. One of the things that I addressed was devising a plan for change. In coming up with this plan, you will most likely need resources outside of yourself, your spouse or your community. I will point you in the general direction of some sources.
1. Content:
Content refers […]

LIFE IN BALANCE- Raising Confident Children Part 2

Continuing from part 1
Raising Confident children
6. Ground them in your core values: Your children should be brought up to live by your principles. Your beliefs about life, about God, about the world around you, about how to treat people, should be their guiding principles. That way, they have something to fall back on, if and when the world becomes perplexing. Without guiding principles, they will lose confidence very quickly. My husband and I raise our children by Christian principles, […]