The Perpetual Foreigner (Why Do You Talk Like That)

The following is a performance that I did last week. It is titled:
The Perpetual Foreigner.
It is a story of a young lady, trying to fit in, but never quite making the cut. I have learnt that it is far better to stand out than to fit in. Just be your best self and God will take care of the rest.
The Perpetual Foreigner


Merry Christmas! I wrote the following poem, about Christmas, at the age of 19, and it is now part of the Shoetry collection.
Christmas comes but once a year,
We get together and have good cheer;
We sit around the table and dine,
Let’s not forget that bottle of wine!
Christmas hits us with a bang!
We shop for ornaments to hang,
Upon our Christmas trees and walls;
We invite all our friends to the ball.
Roast turkey, shrimp scampi, lemon meringue pie,
A sumptuous banquet […]

To The Child

This is a poem that I recited for the United For Kids Foundation fundraiser in Chicago. This foundation was set up to improve the quality of life and education for public school children in Lagos.
My child,
Can you see,
In every tear that falls from my eye,
Every meal that I lovingly prepare,
Every red cent that these hands work to provide for you;
Every prayer that goes out from my lips to heaven;
Every spanking and time-out,
Every kiss and every hug,
Every time I […]

Our Love

If you think you don’t like poetry, you haven’t met the right poem. I hope this is the right one for you. Enjoy!
We walk:
Hand in hand, across the sands of time,
Sharing, strengthening, supporting;
Moving ahead towards our destiny.
We dance:
Cheek to cheek, across the dance floor of experience,
Growing, gaining, giving life our all;
Twirling to the songs of our hearts.
We laugh:
Loud and long, at the comedies life brings,
Relaxing, playing, going on new adventures;
And chuckling at our own private jokes.

Easter Three Day Giveaway!

Easter is a time for reflection, as Christians the world over celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ. If you want to develop a closer relationship with God through Christ, I have just the tool for you.
Starting tomorrow ie midnight CST, I will be doing a three day giveaway of my very first book, His Delight: 31 days of Praise and Worship, on kindle. It normally goes for $6.99, but this is a promotion to celebrate the resurrection […]


In my last two posts, I talked about intentional living and coming up with a plan to do what you need to do for growth in your life. When you find your formula, stick with it. If you need to wake up early everyday to go to the gym, stick with it. If you need to study two hours a day to get your grades up, stick with it. If you decide that you are going to make it […]


While sitting in my parked car wondering what to post tonight, I figured that I would deviate a little from my usual motivational writing. I have not posted a poem in forever, and I stumbled on this one from my archives…
I must be a romantic at heart ❤
You took my heart and crushed it.
My lady love;
I carried the flames in my heart so long,
My love for you so strong,
What could have gone wrong?
At last the flames died,
And glowing embers […]

Child I Love You

Child I love you
Can you not see,
In every tear that falls from my eye
Every meal that I lovingly prepare
Every red cent that these hands work to provide for you
Every prayer that goes out from my lips to heaven
Every spanking and time-out
Every kiss and every hug
Every time I bring you to church
Every science experiment labored over
Every lesson I ever taught you
Every breath and every sigh
Every word of correction
Every ounce of protection
Every minute of attention
Every drop of devotion
Every cuddle of affection
Every […]