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Merry Christmas! I wrote the following poem, about Christmas, at the age of 19, and it is now part of the Shoetry collection.


Christmas comes but once a year,

We get together and have good cheer;

We sit around the table and dine,

Let’s not forget that bottle of wine!


Christmas hits us with a bang!

We shop for ornaments to hang,

Upon our Christmas trees and walls;

We invite all our friends to the ball.


Roast turkey, shrimp scampi, lemon meringue pie,

A sumptuous banquet hits your eye;

You lick your lips and stifle a sigh,

And wish it was all for “me, myself and I”.


But please remember this Christmas day,

Jesus who came to show the right way;

To helpless sinners here on earth,

Through a wondrous virgin birth.


Christmas is not just a time for feasting,

Christmas is not only a time for dining

Christmas is mainly a time for celebrating

That great day Jesus came for the earthlings.


God sent His Son

     To earth to us

          To live for us

               To die for us

                    To give us hope

                         Of eternal life

                              In heaven with Him

                                   At the end of time.



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