Does He Make You Laugh?

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Does He Make You Laugh?

Many times, when I ask young ladies what they would like in
a man, usually, among the top ten things is : “I want a man who can
make me laugh”… At which point I put my hand over my face and
say: “Really? Marry a circus clown and get that out of your
system”. I actually do not say that, but that statement usually
does start a conversation.

First of all, the fact that a guy makes you laugh does not mean he will make a good husband. Secondly, some funny men can be downright mean, especially if you become the brunt of their jokes! Third, he is not going to be laughing, or making you laugh when life’s storms happen(and they will). So of what real use
is the ability to make a person laugh, in the grand scheme of
marriage? None!

Last and most importantly, as long as a person has a
sense of humor( and I have never met someone who doesn’t), you will
make your own fun and you will have lots of memories to laugh at.
So, don’t get hung up on marrying a funny man. If he doesn’t know
how to make jokes, it is not a deal breaker.

Speaking of funny memories, I will share this story. The setting is London, on a cold wintry night in January, when everyone is all suited and booted
against the weather. My husband was wearing a black jacket and a
black winter hat( this is crucial to the story). My husband is
tall, dark( and handsome). My husband usually wears a rather
serious face.

A few days to our wedding, my husband( then fiancé )
and I went to see our decorator to finalize our plans. We rode in
Peggy’s( the decorator’s) car and headed out.We stopped the car, a
red car, by the side of the road and husband got out, and headed to
the ATM while the rest of us in the car just chatted. After leaving
the ATM, my husband walked back across the road, and headed towards
a red car that was stopped at a light! The wrong car!

Before we could signal to him, he opened the door and hopped inside. As he
did, a lady who was in the back of the car jumped out and took off! The driver of our car beeped his car horn; and we wound down the windows, calling and waving frantically. Dozie got out of the car and at this point everyone realized what was
happening. The lady came back, laughing, and we were all in stitches!

My husband told us that as he was getting into the car,
he put his hand in his pocket, took out the money and handed it( or
tried to hand it) to the person in the back( in our car, this was
the position where I was sitting). The man who was driving the
other red car, started to scream at the top of his voice while his
passenger abandoned him and fled! The must have thought Dozie was a
bandit with a gun! Every time I remember this story, tears of mirth
roll down my eyes, and every now and again my husband and I recall
the day that he scared two Londoners out of their minds!!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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