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“Man is a spirit being, has a soul and lives in a body”.

From this statement comes the concept of balance, balanced living and the five pillars of balance. Like the fingers on each hand the five pillars represent core aspects of YOU, that if not taken care of can lead to an unfulfilled life, broken dreams and heartbreak. The five pillars of balance are the foundation of your very self and being. As we approach 2018, how do we set goals to keep our lives in balance?

1. Spiritual

Your spiritual life essentially talks about your relationship with God and this affects how you see the world. Setting goals for your spiritual life would entail defining what your spiritual needs are. As we go through the year, stuff happens, and sometimes we neglect spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, fellowship etc. You can get back on track in 2018 by writing down your plans and deciding what you need to do to make those pans a reality. For example, you might decide to forgo one hour of TV to meditate and pray. If you feel that you need more fellowship with other people of like faith, you might decide to go out of your way to find a church or fellowship. The whole point is to plan for the change that you want to happen instead of depending on a new year resolution.

2. Emotional

Your emotional well-being is very important because potentially all of the issues related to your life, flow from your emotional state, good or bad. Emotions are good servants but tyrannical masters. It is the self-control and mastery of your emotions that will give you the upper hand in managing your thought life. You are not your feelings, your feelings come from you, and you have a lot more control over them that you think you do! How do you set goals for emotional health and well being? For instance if you have issues with control of emotions, you might want to plan to start seeing a counsellor, coach or therapist. If you need to become more aware of your emotions and the emotions, in order to accept and deal with them, make plans to do it. Write down your goals, and your plans to make them happen.

3. Mental

Your mental and emotional wellbeing are somewhat intertwined. Your thoughts and feelings sometimes go hand in hand and feed off of each other. It is important to do your best to keep yourself in a resourceful state of mind, which serves God, serves you, and serves your purpose to the world. Goal setting for mental wellness and balance may include plans to read more books, attend a personal development seminar, go back to school, write a book, etc

5. Relational

How you relate to others is important. How you relate to your spouse, your children, your parents your friends is important if you are going to have balance in your life. Questions to ask yourself going into 2018: Do you know who your real friends are? Who are your supporters? Who are your detractors? What relationships should you nurture? What relationships have passed their expiry date? Decide who you want to have relationships with and cultivate those relationships.

6. Physical

If you do not take care of your body, it will not take care of you. Be sure to take care of the basics, like the right foods, rest, exercise and taking care of health problems, the moment they arise. There are temptations all around to succumb to an unhealthy lifestyle but with mental fortitude and a can-do attitude, you can resist them. How is your health currently? What can you do to improve it? How can you incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your life in 2018? Have you planned for your health check ups?

As you set goals for your career, finances, business etc, don’t forget to set goal for the most important things: Your five pillars of balance. What will you do differently, as 2018 approaches?

If you want the tools, tips and tricks to achieve balance and success in life, you may need to work with a coach If you are not sure about committing to a full program or package yet, you can schedule a strategy session with me, to get some initial steps to propel you to your next level.

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