Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

This is a poem dedicated to my mother and all the wonderful mothers out there who continue to nurture us no matter how “grown-up” we are , or how far away we may be. It is titled Toda Ima which is Hebrew for Thank you Mother.


Toda Ima

In the heart a need

Leading to a deed

Resulting in a seed

Toda Ima

A 9 month commitment

12 hours torment

A new life’s descent

Toda Ima

Sweet sustenance came

 From you, with no shame

Despite popular disclaiam

 Toda Ima

You supplicate for me

 That I should be- Sound

 Of spirit soul and body

 Toda Ima

A teacher, a tutor

 A coach , a mentor

 A friend, A cheerleader

 Toda Ima

You wipe away my tears

 You try to calm my fears

Encourage me with cheers

Toda Ima

Whatever would I be

 Were you not there for me

To your bosom I flee

 Toda Ima

I will honor you

 Persistently be true

And never devalue

Toda Ima

I rise and call you blessed

 Cos you give me your best

 You are above the rest

 Toda Ima

I could never repay

But each and everyday

 I will stand and say

Toad Ima

Thank you , mother!

And thank You God for giving me mother!

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  • Erykah Richards Reply

    That’s sweet but you should have put a picture of yourself with your mom……not some other mom-daughter pair!!

    May 18, 2012 at 8:32 pm

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