Joy, Joy, Joy

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Joy, Joy, Joy



(Proverbs 29:6) Evildoers are snared by their own sin, but he righteous shout for joy and are glad.

There is something about singing that makes you happy. A lifestyle of praise keeps you joyful and joy in the Lord is the key to maintaining a positive attitude in spite of whatever challenges or struggles you may be faced with. This joy is found in the presence of God and the easiest way to get into His presence and maintain an atmosphere of His presence is by praising Him.

The joy you have is closely connected with your faith in God (people of faith should be joyful, knowing that they have something the world does not have nor can rob them of – a close relationship with God). Since scripture says that without faith, you cannot please God, you would do well to get into the habit of maintaining your joy. Someone once said, “Happiness depends on happenings but joy does not”. This means that joy is a deeper inward sensation which does not depend on your circumstances.

A joyful spirit attracts people. If you stay joyful, people will want to know what it is that makes you so happy and in time they will want what you have. Are you feeling sad? Are circumstances getting you down? Switch your focus to God and praise Him. Your joy will return. Make a consistent effort to stay joyful through praise and your life will be ever so colorful, much more attractive, and your faith will rise to new heights.


DOXOLOGY(Prayer of Praise)

I will rejoice in You my Lord and King for Your joy is my strength.

I will bless you Lord at all times and Your praise will always be on my lips.

Everything in me will praise You and boast in Your goodness.

I extol You Jehovah Rohi- Lord my shepherd;

Jehovah Ezer- Lord my help;

Abba Father.

You are my joy, You make me glad.

Eternal Rock of Ages, the One who was and is and is to come,

I shout Hallelujah.

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