Lessons From Kindergarten

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Lessons From Kindergarten

Wow! I has just dawned on me.
Kindergarten is over! I think that at the start of the school year, I was more apprehensive about my daughter going to kindergarten than she was! I was concerned about getting her to school and back. I was concerned about school lunches being unhealthy. I was concerned about her copying bad behavior from her peers. I was concerned about her being bullied. I was concerned about the fact that she had never been in school before; how would she cope in a structured environment?

In short, I was concerned.
In the last year, here are some of the lessons that I learnt. I looked back with laughter as a realized that, I did not have to be so apprehensive, after all.

1. Kindergarten is indeed more work for the whole family, not just the kindergartener.

2. The sky will not fall if you, as a parent, are not present for every single school event.

3. You will have to “unteach” some bad behavior, but it is okay. Keep reinforcing and repeating and reminding and they will get it.

4. Things will get lost: lunch boxes, notes you send to the teacher, costumes for “costume day”. Roll with the punches. If your child is prone to losing things, please don’t buy the expensive ones( 🙂 )

5. Your child will no longer look to you as the source and final authority for all information. Again, this is ok as long as you can correct any wrong information before it becomes ingrained. This is why it is very important to do everything you can to keep lines of communication open.

6. You have to be vigilant about everything.

7. Clothes and shoes get stained, torn and ruined. That is ok.

8. School can bring out the best in your child, no matter how great you thought your child was already.

9. You make friends through kindergarten too. Other parents can be a great source of support.

10. Time flies! I still cannot believe that the year is over.

Have a great week, and summer vacation!


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