LIFE IN BALANCE- 5 Keys to developing confidence

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LIFE IN BALANCE- 5 Keys to developing confidence

So how do you change self thoughts of doubt and low self esteem to thoughts of confidence?

The answer is in the images that you continually expose yourself to:

1. Associate with confident people: if you suffer with lack of confidence, don’t continually hang out with people like you. Yes, I know, birds of a feather flock together. To that I say, if you want to fly like an eagle, don’t hang out with the chickens.

2.Change your internal conversation about yourself: If you keep saying things like ” I’m such a klutz”, ” I hate myself”, “I am not as pretty as so-and-so” or another one I recently heard, ” xxxx people are not as good looking as yyyy people”. This person belonged to the ‘x’ group, by the way. The Bible says: As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. You are a sum total of your thoughts.

3. Change your external conversation about yourself: You do not have to be self deprecating. If you get a compliment, accept it graciously and say thank you. Do not reject sincere compliments.

4. Get inspired: Read books. A really good one is Developing Confidence by Kevin Gerald. Read Bible verses and scriptures that talk about confidence and who you are as a child of God. Most confident people are not born that way.

5. Do not go against your guiding principles and philosophies: You weaken yourself when you act contrary to what you believe to be true. When your inner strength is weak, you lose confidence. Guilt and shame set in. As a Christian , going against God’s Word will make you lose confidence in God, thence confidence in yourself.


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