LIFE IN BALANCE- Getting Married 101

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LIFE IN BALANCE- Getting Married 101

Are you getting married? Then this is for you

1. Your priority should be the marriage, not the wedding.

2. Communication with your spouse-to-be is key. Talk, talk, talk until you are blue in the face, then talk some more.

3. No sex at this stage. You will be married for life. Don’t put the cart before the horse.

4. Study your fiancé/fiancée like a specimen. Know what they like, don’t like and everything else in between.

5. Worldview:whatever is important to the other person, you should value.

6. Develop common interests and take an interest in the other person’s hobbies.

7. Get to know each others’ parents( if possible). People become just like their parents as they grow older.

8. Know this: the major causes of marital palavers are: money, religion, sex and children. These are areas that you need to talk about, a lot.

9. Find a mentor for your relationship.

10. Pray for yourselves, pray for each other, pray together.


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