LIFE IN BALANCE-Loving your children 4

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LIFE IN BALANCE-Loving your children 4

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Today, this post will address the intellectual development of the child. My mother always said( and still says): early learning is vital. This is not about making your child into an academic over-achiever but about helping them to develop a love for learning, that will help them reach their full potential.
1. Start early/ start now: If your children’s intellectual development has been on the back burner or if you think they are too young, it is never too early or too late.

2. Teaching moments: Find teaching moments in mundane things. “What color is that?” “Who is the president of our country?” “What is the capital of the USA/the UK/ Guyana/ Nigeria”. No matter the age of your child, you can teach them something new about the world around them and academic topics

3. Books: It is said that readers are leaders. Be a reader yourself. Buy age appropriate books, and have dedicated time for them to read or to be read to, if they are little.

4. Do not push: If they are not ready, let them be. Younger children are to be primarily taught through fun and play, and you may risk turning them off if you act like a Sergeant Major in boot camp.

5. Be involved: Get involved in their school work, home work etc. Do not leave all their learning up to the teachers. If they are not being challenged enough at school, talk to the teachers about adding extra work to their curriculum. If the school work is too challenging for them, you might need to hire a home tutor to get them up to speed. Do whatever you need to do, but never, ever leave the full responsibility of your young child’s academic development to their teachers.

6. Give time: Time is important. This is a full time job. If you have ever taught a child under the age of one the ABCs, you will realize what I am saying. You have to devote time to your children and not take a laissez-faire attitude. Do not leave their developing brains to chance.

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