Life Lessons From Ekene Onu

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Life Lessons From Ekene Onu

Welcome back to Balance with Dr Shola! 
Today I am sharing some word of wisdom shared by Ekene Onu. Ekene is a coach, a consultant, and a speaker who helps high potential women achieve soulful success.
Read on…
I’m reflecting on lessons I have learned over the years.
1. Resilience doesn’t mean never being hurt. It means having a quick recovery time. It also means you learn how to quickly get back up and pivot when you fall or make a mistake. In fact when you are really resilient, you can fail so well, you pivot into success and it looks like strategy.2. Happiness and peace comesfrom within. When you embrace this, you can learn to find joy and inner calm even in the midst of tense situations.

3. True relationships require mutual respect. Being a Christian doesn’t mean allowing people to maltreat you. Good people can be toxic to you. If people think they are superior to you, they aren’t good for you. If they feel inferior to you, they aren’t good for you either. Healthy relationships are loving and mutual.

4. Don’t believe the hype. No-one can stop your destiny. No-one can make or break you. Truth! I once had someone who really believed that they were the blessing on my life. For the record I believe everyone in my life is a blessing to me, but when you think you are the source of my blessings…No ma’am. Only God is. And I can not tell you how God has showed up and shown out ever since.

5. There are indeed two educations. How to make a living and how to live a life.
Some people have money, accolades and even fame. But are miserable and unhappy. Sometimes you have to learn how to enjoy life, how to let yourself be loved, how to be free and more accepting of yourself.

6. Money matters. Truth. It does.
But if you don’t know how to be happy without it, you won’t be happy with it.

7. What goes around comes back around. What you sow, you will reap. This is a principle I have seen played out over and over again.

8. Small minded people are takers & critics & complainers. Big vision people are givers & encouragers & fixers.

9. Your mindset affects your quality of life. If you believe everything happens for you, you’ll see everything as a blessing and see opportunities where others only see challenges. But if you believe life is a challenge and difficult etc, then you will make that true also.

Take some time to reflect and refresh today. Have a fabulous day y’all!

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