Emotional Balance

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Emotional Balance


Long time no see!

The last time I posted something new, I was preparing for my first conference. Two conferences and a thriving coaching business later, I am back to blogging, about balanced living.

Happy Monday!

This week, I will be talking about the emotional pillar of balanced living.Whether we pretend to be or not, we are creatures of emotion.We laugh, we cry, we get mad.We feel things that we do not want to feel sometimes.Sometimes we “lose it”.

Emotions are important. They are energy. Passion is an emotion, just as is apathy.We are creatures of emotion, before we take in facts and figures.

Look at the average online argument. Half of them are so illogical, yet, people passionately hold on to their position as though those positions are Holy Scriptures.

So emotions play a huge part in our lives, yet many of us have not yet learned to master our emotions. We are yet to learn how to diminish the effects of emotions that no longer serve us.

This week, we are going deep. Lets talk emotions.

What are some things that trigger certain emotions for you?

Why do you feel the way you do about certain things?

What things make you happy?

What things make you sad?

Are there people who just “rub you up the wrong way”?

Why is that the case?

What emotions do not serve you?

Give these questions some thought.  You can follow me on facebook, instagram and you tube, or email me shola@sholashade.com to book a coaching session


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