Sex Tips for married men 2

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Sex Tips for married men 2

So I am back again with a few more tips for the men!

1.Romance, romance, romance: Ladies want romance, I don’t care who they are or where they are from. You probably were romantic when you started dating, but then you “got the girl”. Guess what? Those same moves you used to win her heart, are the same ones you need, to keep the fire burning. It is not hard. All it takes is some thought, and being romantic and thoughtful does not have to break the bank. In any case, if you cannot spend your hard earned money on your wife, then what is the use of having it? Flowers. A fancy dinner. A visit to the place where you first met, first dated, or proposed. A walk in the park just to be with her. Going running together. Dancing. An “I just thought of you gift”. You get the picture. Romance fast-forwards your sexual connection.

2.Talk, talk, talk: A major complaint women have is, he won’t talk to me all day and now he wants sex, he notices me. See, women are not stupid, gentlemen. A woman wants to be part of your life, not just your bedroom and kitchen; you need to communicate and share.

3.Look the part: Who says women don’t care what you look like? Er…. We do. So shower and shave( kissing someone with stubble on his face is like having a Brillo pad scrubbing away at you). If you have a pot belly, work on getting rid of it. Body odor, bad breath, stinky feet have to be done away with. It is not cool to break wind under the covers either.

4. Make it about her: Do not have sex to take,take, take. Put her needs before yours. You will find a more willing partner in your nightly activities, if she feels that you want her to enjoy it too. You will enjoy it more too, cos when you give you will get more in return.

5. Find her hot spots: Make it your mission to know what she likes in bed. Even a simple, “Do you like this?” will tell you wether you at heading in the right direction or not. Most women do not have orgasms with vaginal intercourse alone, clitoral stimulation has to happen, boys.

6. Warmth: So, I have only heard this in one other place so I do not know if it applies to all ladies. A cold room is a libido-freezer-upper. Find out if this applies to your wife. If it does, throw another log on the fire and prepare to get it on!

That’s all for now, friends! Goodnight or good morning

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