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How To Help An Overweight Child-5 Keys

If a child is 10%-20% over his or her appropriate body weight, that child is said to be overweight. If above 20%, the child is obese.In America, 30% of children are overweight or obese. If your child is overweight, medical causes such as thyroid diseases and other hormonal diseases should be ruled out. Once they are ruled out, it is up to you as a parent to support your child on the road to becoming more healthy. Here are […]

What If… ? 7 Life Changing Questions

What if?
What if we changed our beliefs about certain things and the way we see life? What if we stopped leaving life to chance (calling it “leaving it to God”)? In some (and at times, all) areas of life, we sometimes sit on the fence instead of taking action. Sometimes we say that we “are praying about it”. At other times we bury our heads in the sand and remain in denial. My Pastor Mayowa Ijisesan preached a most […]

To The Child

This is a poem that I recited for the United For Kids Foundation fundraiser in Chicago. This foundation was set up to improve the quality of life and education for public school children in Lagos.
My child,
Can you see,
In every tear that falls from my eye,
Every meal that I lovingly prepare,
Every red cent that these hands work to provide for you;
Every prayer that goes out from my lips to heaven;
Every spanking and time-out,
Every kiss and every hug,
Every time I […]

LIFE IN BALANCE- Raising Confident Children Part 2

Continuing from part 1
Raising Confident children
6. Ground them in your core values: Your children should be brought up to live by your principles. Your beliefs about life, about God, about the world around you, about how to treat people, should be their guiding principles. That way, they have something to fall back on, if and when the world becomes perplexing. Without guiding principles, they will lose confidence very quickly. My husband and I raise our children by Christian principles, […]

LIFE IN BALANCE- Raising confident children Part 1

Raising Confident Children
Confidence is a state of being free from doubt and sure of oneself. Usually when we think of confident people we think of people who are bold, sometimes loud. We may think of extraverts. Confidence, however has nothing to do with this. There are loud people who are insecure and introverts who are confident.
Raising a confident child is about raising a child who is sure about who he is, secure in the love of God and […]

LIFE IN BALANCE- The Father Every Wife Wants 3

This blog post concludes this series on Fathers
Present supporter: A wife wants the father of her children to be present and supportive. She should not have to keep on asking you to pay your children’s school fees. A wife does not want to beg for supportA woman needs support for her own dreams and ambitions as well. Your wife does not exist only to help you, she has dreams of her own to fulfill in the various areas of […]

Lessons From Kindergarten

Wow! I has just dawned on me.
Kindergarten is over! I think that at the start of the school year, I was more apprehensive about my daughter going to kindergarten than she was! I was concerned about getting her to school and back. I was concerned about school lunches being unhealthy. I was concerned about her copying bad behavior from her peers. I was concerned about her being bullied. I was concerned about the fact that she had never been […]

LIFE IN BALANCE-Loving your children 4

Please see
1.Raising a Genius
2.Raising a Genius 2
Today, this post will address the intellectual development of the child. My mother always said( and still says): early learning is vital. This is not about making your child into an academic over-achiever but about helping them to develop a love for learning, that will help them reach their full potential.
1. Start early/ start now: If your children’s intellectual […]