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Below is an excerpt from my first book: His Delight. Details can be found on the “Books” section of this website.
Read and be blessed
(Exodus 20:3) You shall have no other gods before me.
What does this mean? It means regarding God more highly than you regard anyone or anything else: family, career, money, possessions, and friends. It means that if it came to deciding which path to follow, the answer would be to follow God every time. Anyone or anything […]

My Life Sucks!

The following is an excerpt from my book His Delight:31 days of Praise and Worship.
You  may be reading this and thinking, my life is a mess, I have nothing to praise   God for. Let me challenge you: you do have something to praise God for and it   is just human nature to focus on all that is going   wrong instead of even a few things that are going right. When I am in the  dumps, I try to […]

Praising God

The following is an excerpt from His Delight: 31 days of Praise and Worship

The   words humble and humility are very com­monly misunderstood. In religion   today, they are taken to mean a state of self-deprecation, self-degradation  and not realizing your own worth. Bible humility is not making yourself into  nothing, it is realizing that without God you cannot be everything you are meant to be.


Humility in Christ is recognizing that your sufficiency is not in yourself but in the […]

Last Call

Here is another poem from “Shoetry”.

Last Call
Arise, child of God!
You are called to be a witness, a witness for God;
You are born to make a difference, a difference for God;
You are meant to do great things, great things in His Name
You are equipped to change, to change history.
Arise, child of God!
You are called to walk, walk in the way of righteousness;
You are born-again to sing, sing songs of praise to His Name;
You are meant to go, go wherever He […]

Happy Easter

Happy resurrection day everyone! Today is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ who God sent as a sacrifice to redeem mankind. This poem is about the love of God which necessitated such sacrifice.
Brighter far than the noonday harmattan sun,
Higher than the snow-capped peaks of Everest,
Deeper far than the trench of Marianas,
Stronger than a destructive tornado,
More electrifying than streaks of lightning,
Much louder than a clap of thunder,
More radiantly beautiful than a summer sunset,
More fragrant than a big […]