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LIFE IN BALANCE-Staying Married Part 3

Continuing on with this series on staying married, I would like to address two other issues, growing apart and communication.
Grow together, not apart:
Here is a another one. As time goes by you and your spouse are not supposed to be going off on different trajectories. You get busier as you get older, and if care is not taken, a couple can grow apart as they pursue two completely different lives. There are different reasons why people grow apart. […]

Fighting Fair

Another reblog(I just feel that there might be someone out there who needs this)
You know those times…..big fight, you’re deadlocked, and no one is backing down, because you are both “right”.Here are some helpful tips on how to fight fair.
1. Shhhhhhhh…! Seriously,lower your voice!The Bible says a soft answer turns away wrath.For some reason a loud angry voice yelling at you just grates on your nerves so that you […]

Say It Right!

Communication in marriage is something that we can never learn too much about. Her are a few points on some of the things I have learnt(sometimes the hard way) over the years.
1. Learn to listen: Do not listen just to have a clever comeback. Listen for verbal and non verbal clues. Listen with your ears and your heart. Be attentive. Give feedback like, “Hmm”, “right”, “true”.
2. Walk in love: Communicate in a loving manner, even when you are angry. […]