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THE BLACK PANTHER: Take Home Points (no spoilers)

Welcome back to Balance With Dr. Shola
I watched the black panther on 15 February 2018. A few days later, on 18 February I got to watch it again. Here are my take-home points from the movie, the energy, and the general hype surrounding the movie. No spoilers, I promise.
1. There is no end to creativity, and creative energy: Don’t be afraid to try to create something new. As Mark Randolph said: “Nobody knows what is going to work in advance. The […]

Approval Hunger: The Sure Death of a Dream (Dreamkillers-5)

In the past 4 weeks, I have written about factors in and around us that serve as dreamkillers. Today I will be writing about the last one: approval hunger.
Are you a people pleaser? Do you seek the approval of many people before you launch out and do what it is that you need to do? Do you run from pillar to post, asking the opinion of every Tom, Dick and Harry before you make a move? Do you […]


See Dreamkillers-1
To give your dreams, goals and expectations any chance of coming to pass, you must avoid the next dream killer:
Wrong associations:
Closely related to the point above (naysayers, being a type of wrong association), wrong associations are everything that is associated with where you do not want to be. To get to your goals and dreams; to achieve the change that you need in your life, you have to change your people, places, thoughts and things.
See Dreamkillers-2
Apart from […]


We all have dreams, hopes, goals and aspirations. The things that prevent their realization are not always what we think they are.
Listen to your inner voice and do not let it be drowned out by the following dream killer:
Listening to the voices of naysayers:
I know of a woman who lost 200 lbs after gastric bypass and gained it back after her friends started to tell her she was “getting too small”. Her starting weight was […]


So. Living with balance includes living with intention. We all have dreams and many times, the things preventing us from taking the next step to fulfilling our dreams and goals are not external, but internal. Listen to your inner voice and do not let it be drowned out by this dream killer:
Fear of the unknown:
In 2003 I had the opportunity to leave Nigeria for England to do exams that would enable me practice in Europe. I was going to […]

6 Things That You Need To Know About Your Dream

Your dreams are calling you. Will you answer? Here are some things that you need to know about your dream, partially adapted from a series that Les Brown taught a few years ago.
1. It’s you:
What is it that you dream of doing? Do you want to kick a bad habit, go back to school to get a degree, write a book, build a business, get back into the work force? It is you. It does not have […]

“Your dreams are valid”- My career journey

I recently joined Toastmasters, and the following is a transcript (with a few variations) of my first speech. Enjoy and have a great week.
My name is Shola Ezeokoli. I am a doctor by day and a writer at all other times. I am also a wife, a mother, an blogger , and a marriage counsellor. I was asked to speak on the evolution of what has become my second career, my writing career. The story of my second […]

New Site!

I am really excited to launch my new website sholashade.com
Thanks to my brother Alex and his wife Adeola! There they are in the picture below!
Anyway, I am biting my nails with excitement and wondering what to write about.
Should I write about praising God, should I write a poem, should I write about marriage, sex, relationships, self improvement, book publishing? I don’t know. Quite frankly, nothing comes to mind except this:
THINK BIG, START SMALL, ACT NOW. Your dream is […]