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10 Tips for Emotional Wellness

Welcome back to Balanced Living with Dr Shola!
This week is about another pillar of balance, Emotional Wellness. Here are 10 quick tips to improve your emotional health:

1. Realize that your emotions are to serve you, not rule you.

2. Own, accept and manage your emotions for your benefit.

3. Temper your emotions by not over reacting to minor things.

4. If you ever feel as though you are getting out of control, de escalate or remove yourself from the situation if […]

Emotional Balance

Long time no see!
The last time I posted something new, I was preparing for my first conference. Two conferences and a thriving coaching business later, I am back to blogging, about balanced living.
Happy Monday!
This week, I will be talking about the emotional pillar of balanced living.Whether we pretend to be or not, we are creatures of emotion.We laugh, we cry, we get mad.We feel things that we do not want to feel sometimes.Sometimes we “lose it”.
Emotions are important. They […]

LIFE IN BALANCE- Loving your children 2

In my last blog post, I talked about meeting the basic physical needs of children as a way of loving them. Today I will be addressing their emotional well being and balance.
In our world today, just meeting the basic needs of children is not enough. How you meet their emotional needs for love, acceptance and approval goes a long way to create a balanced human being, who is able to handle himself/herself emotionally.
Show it: First, you have […]

LIFE IN BALANCE-Staying Married- Part 1

I am starting a four part series on staying married. I do not claim to have all the answers, as I only know in part.
Before I launch into this epic, I think I need to state that the scope of this piece does not cover domestic violence, any sort of abuse, infidelity, pathological lying, substance abuse and various addictions. It is not meant to speak to areas that are in need of professional help. This article is about the […]