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10 Marriage Truths That You Must Know

Are you getting married? The Bible says and I paraphrase, that we are to count the cost of any venture that we are about to enter into. Too many people get married without preparing for some of its realities.
What does it mean to be married?
1. It means you take responsibility for another human being’s well being and happiness. Naturally you expect the same treatment, but you do not demand it.
2. It means that you give your spouse the best […]

Before You Say I Do

1. Know yourself: If you don’t know you, how will you get to know someone else.
2. Have a plan for your life: The whole “we-love-each-other-it-will-all-work-out”, thing, is so shortsighted. Decide where you want to be , five years from now, ten years from now, twenty years from now.
3. Talk, talk, talk: This is how you get to know the other person. Talk about everything, past, present, future. Do not gloss over things. Develop your communication skills.
4.Have a mentor: A […]

The Proposal

Early April 2002
It was some months after graduation(phew!). Intern( housejob) year was here! We were doctors! Years of studying, swatting and burning the midnight oil had finally paid off. Dozie and I were sitting in his little room in the House Officers Residence of UCH Ibadan.
“Your birthday is coming”, he said to me. “Do you want a party?”
Thinking of his pocket, I said, “Oh no”. I didn’t particularly want us to spend money on a party. Neither did I […]