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Fathers are very important. They are the bedrock of society. Without fathers there would be no children, and without children there would be no families and no societal growth. Fathers are however maligned in popular media, and a lot of times portrayed in a bad light. Some fathers have not lived up to societal expectations. Some fathers have indeed abandoned their families in the name of career, extramarital affairs and other things. There are however a great many fathers […]

LIFE IN BALANCE- The Father Every Wife Wants 3

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Present supporter: A wife wants the father of her children to be present and supportive. She should not have to keep on asking you to pay your children’s school fees. A wife does not want to beg for supportA woman needs support for her own dreams and ambitions as well. Your wife does not exist only to help you, she has dreams of her own to fulfill in the various areas of […]

LIFE IN BALANCE- The Father Every Wife Wants 2

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Willing Helper: There is nothing unmanly about helping your wife in the house; there is nothing unmanly about taking care of your children. To expect a wife to do ALL that needs to be done in the house may be rather overwhelming. Unless you can hire a helper for chores, dad, your help is needed. Support is needed especially when your wife is overwhelmed. I have heard of men who say things like “My mother did all the […]