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Rise And Be Great! 10 Steps To Accomplishing Almost Anything

At the end of every year, people tend to pause, and reflect and decide what they want to accomplish each year. Actually, I do this daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly as well as yearly. It is not enough to do it once a year and then forget about it. However whether it is the end of the year or not, one must have a strategy to accomplish whatever ones goals and dreams are.
1.Have a vision: What is it that you want […]

6 Things That You Need To Know About Your Dream

Your dreams are calling you. Will you answer? Here are some things that you need to know about your dream, partially adapted from a series that Les Brown taught a few years ago.
1. It’s you:
What is it that you dream of doing? Do you want to kick a bad habit, go back to school to get a degree, write a book, build a business, get back into the work force? It is you. It does not have […]

Happy New Year!

There is nothing magical, spiritually significant, or special about the first day of January except the significance that we ourselves attach to it. I like to remind myself that the Gregorian calendar is man made, and was a reform of a previous calendar( the Julian calendar) which was itself a reform of the Roman calendar . There are also many different calendars( the lunar calendar, Igbo calendar, Hebrew calendar, the Chinese calendar, the famous Mayan calendar, etc) in use, […]

LIFE IN BALANCE-Power over procrastination

So, you may have heard this before, but when it comes to handling procrastination, I don’t think there can be too much information on the subject. As a person who has had challenges in this area, I realize that sometimes you have to “force yourself” to get up and move, instead of just “vegging out ” in front of the TV when you have 1000 tasks screaming your name!
1. Have goals: If you have no goals how will you […]