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The Power Of A Personal Retreat

                  Every three months I go on a one day personal retreat. I save up a few dollars each month, and I use this to book a hotel room within a 30-40 minute distance from my home and I take off. I usually stay for 10 to 12 hours and I have no agenda. As someone who plans out every single minute of her life, this is a refreshing change of […]

Serve With Love

Welcome back to Balance With Dr. Shola!
I talk about being determined, focused, working hard, and reaching for your dreams, a lot. However there is one overarching theme that I need to interject. In fact this should be our primary motivation.
What is it? Love
If you are in a service industry, love the people you serve even if your industry/ job/ working conditions are less than perfect. 
When I was practicing primary care, I loved my patients to bits even as I […]

10 Quotes That Changed My Life

Welcome back to Balance with Dr Shola!
Do you have any particular quotes or sayings that have been life changing for you?

Here are 10 quotes that make me think every time I read, or hear them:

1.Do something everyday that brings you closer to fulfilling your dream. Do not dedicate more to fulfilling the dreams of others than your own.

2.Marriage isn’t a passion-fest; it’s more like a partnership formed to run a very small, mundane, nonprofit business.

3. If you are approval […]

New Year Gift.

Welcome back to Balance with Dr Shola!


Balanced Lifer, I hope that you are ready to hit the ground running in 2017!
Here is my latest book/PDF, a free download with important tips for life, balance and success in 2017.



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“Transformation through balance”
“A balanced life is a beautiful […]

The Balanced Marriage: The Five Pillars Of Marital Bliss


Welcome back to Balance with Dr Shola! As promised, I will be doing more posts along the lines of marriage, and this is an introduction to:


(The Five Pillars of Balanced: Marriage Edition)If you are familiar with the concept of  balanced living, the you will realize that anyone who is living a fulfilled life is to some degree living a balanced life, taking care of the five pillars of balance, namely: physical health, mental soundness, emotional wellness, spiritual […]

Do You Think Like This?

Welcome back to Balance with Dr Shola! 
As a life coach, I constantly meet people with mindsets that do not serve them! Their very thoughts hamper their life progress.

I heard this preached as a sermon by a great woman of God Pastor Mayowa Ijisesan. She has a very practical, balanced, easy-to-relate-to approach to the gospel and life. This is the “Shola paraphrase” of what she said-
What type of thinker are you?
Your thoughts govern your life and what you allow your […]

The Five Pillars of Balance: Parents Edition

What is a balanced child? A balanced child is one whose parents are paying careful attention to the five pillars of balance namely, spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and relational. This does not mean that you have all the answers or have it all down pat. It is the application of the five pillars of balance in order to produce a well-rounded child who is a joy to himself/herself, her parents and the community at large.
So, when it comes to […]

Say YES to the BEST and NO to everything else!

Welcome back to Balance with Dr Shola!

People ask me all the time: How do you manage to get so much done?
How do you find the time?
One of the answers is something that I call time “unmanagement”, which I have written about previously. Another is saying no! Yes, my default answer is no. Before you scroll away thinking: “Why d’you keep lying?”…
Let me share a secret with you: I say no to a lot of things! I keep my “yeses” […]