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Handling The Haters: 8 Simple Keys That Work For All

  Hater is a commonly used word nowadays. Personally, I think that it is actually overused. People want to label everyone who disagrees with them as a “hater”. What does that word mean? I found two definitions in the dictionary: a formal one and an informal one.
Formal: A person who dislikes a specified person or thing e.g. “a man hater“.
Informal: negative or critical person e.g. “she found it difficult to cope with haters“.
In this post, I will be referring to the latter […]

Who Else Wants To Shed That Weight?

The following is a guest post by Kemi Adegbite, a psychologist and behavioral change counsellor.
There are foods that I absolutely love and to live without these seemed like an impossible task. My all-time favorite is fresh baked bread and the trouble with foods that we love is that the brain helps us to love them even more. The brain is hard wired with the foods that we have fed it. So it is safe to say that my brain […]

What If… ? 7 Life Changing Questions

What if?
What if we changed our beliefs about certain things and the way we see life? What if we stopped leaving life to chance (calling it “leaving it to God”)? In some (and at times, all) areas of life, we sometimes sit on the fence instead of taking action. Sometimes we say that we “are praying about it”. At other times we bury our heads in the sand and remain in denial. My Pastor Mayowa Ijisesan preached a most […]

Keep the Fire Burning Part 1.

Marriage takes work. It is not about two people going into it to “have someone meet my needs”. Each person has to put the needs of the other first. Having said that, here are a few tips I heard from Rev Albert Femi Oduwole ( Word Ablaze Ministries International). These are things that when practiced consistently, add flavor to your marriage.
1. Date together: Date night is more important after you marry than before! Develop a culture of date night. […]


This has nothing to do with the “Occupy” protests!
Luke Chapter 19:13 says “Occupy till I come”. This is taken from a parable that Jesus told. It basically means that we should be busy doing the things that God would have us do until it is time to check out of this earth. We are to be a force for God’s goodness in this world, rejecting evil and influencing the world around us for good. We are to affect lives […]

Praising God

Excerpt from His Delight: 31 Days of Praise and Worship
What is your heart’s attitude towards God? Do you think of God as a mean judge? Do you think of him as some unpredictable, whimsical being? Or is he to you just like Santa Claus: giving you everything you want as long as you are a good boy/girl?
God is good and worthy to be praised and worshipped. He gave us life and all the good things that we have. A […]

Last Call

Here is another poem from “Shoetry”.

Last Call
Arise, child of God!
You are called to be a witness, a witness for God;
You are born to make a difference, a difference for God;
You are meant to do great things, great things in His Name
You are equipped to change, to change history.
Arise, child of God!
You are called to walk, walk in the way of righteousness;
You are born-again to sing, sing songs of praise to His Name;
You are meant to go, go wherever He […]