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Why You Should Write Your Obituary

What do you want people to say about you when you are dead and gone? What will they say about you when you are dead and gone? Is what you want them to say going to be what they will actually say? Will they say anything at all? What do you want to be remembered for? At the rate you are going, will you actually be remembered for those things, that you want to be remembered for? That is […]

Be You, Do You! 3 Keys to going against the tide

Make your life count, doing the things you want to do, and need to do that will bring you fulfillment. It could be starting a business or ministry, going back to school; a weight loss goal; a career change. It could even be things like changing your attitude, becoming more focused or changing a bad habit.
1.Saying no:
You do not have to say yes to every meeting, every committee, every donation, every project. You do not have to […]

LIFE IN BALANCE-Staying Married Part 3

Continuing on with this series on staying married, I would like to address two other issues, growing apart and communication.
Grow together, not apart:
Here is a another one. As time goes by you and your spouse are not supposed to be going off on different trajectories. You get busier as you get older, and if care is not taken, a couple can grow apart as they pursue two completely different lives. There are different reasons why people grow apart. […]

The Proposal

Early April 2002
It was some months after graduation(phew!). Intern( housejob) year was here! We were doctors! Years of studying, swatting and burning the midnight oil had finally paid off. Dozie and I were sitting in his little room in the House Officers Residence of UCH Ibadan.
“Your birthday is coming”, he said to me. “Do you want a party?”
Thinking of his pocket, I said, “Oh no”. I didn’t particularly want us to spend money on a party. Neither did I […]

LIFE IN BALANCE- I have a secret

Continuing from last post……
4.Wisdom: Trust God for wisdom to deal with the situation; wisdom for wise counsel; and wisdom for true friends in your time of crisis. Use wisdom to truly know the difference between a big problem and a minor issue that does not need to be talked about.
5.Seek help, not catharsis: Is it better to vent your feelings to your blabber mouth friends; or to talk to a trustworthy person who will not divulge? Is it […]

LIFE IN BALANCE- Rest is not an option

Do you rest?
No, I am not talking about working yourself into the ground and falling asleep, stuporous on your sofa. I read a book on leadership by Reverend Nolan McCants and ironically, the first chapter is on rest!
In today’s crazy world, with busy schedules, school, work, home, marriage, children, church, volunteer commitments etc, how do we get ourselves some rest?
1. Not an option: Rest is not just another option. It is compulsory. If you are over scheduled, but all […]


After a short hiatus of about 4 days, I am back. My husband and I took a couple of days away, to retreat, rest and recharge. During the past few days I got to thinking about the first half of the year, what I had accomplished, what I still had do do, and how I was going to go about working on all the things that I believe God would have me do. I realized a few things.
1. The […]

How To Enjoy Every Day Life

1. Slow down
2. Learn to say no, don’t say yes to everything
3. Know when you need to take a break and relax
4. Find enjoyment in what you do
5. Laugh
6. Find someone to bless/help/teach
7. Be thankful for the things you have
8. Be happy now, not “I would be happy if only I had……”
9. Do one different thing each day to break up the monotony of the day
10. Praise God at the beginning and at the end of each day.