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An Open Letter to A Man

Empower Your Wife
Dear man,
I would like to invite you on a journey. How do you relate to your wife or fiancée with regards to her dreams, passions and visions? Are you empowering her or are you discouraging her?
Let me share this quick story.
One day I was standing with a group of men just chatting, and I started to speak about some of the things I was doing, with one of the gentlemen. As I was talking about my […]

LIFE IN BALANCE- Managing Your Expectations In Marriage

This piece is written specially for people who are engaged but married or single, you will gain something out of this write-up. It is about expectations in marriage. I will address the expectations people have of their spouse or spouse-to-be. I shall share a story from my life:
One day my husband and I were talking. This was after we had been married for about two years. I asked him, “What did you expect when you married me?” He replied, […]

LIFE IN BALANCE- Why get married? The wrong reasons

Due to the influence of Hollywood, the past, other people’s experiences, ungodly counsel, people sometimes get married for the wrong reasons. In this blog post, I will be addressing some of the wrong reasons people get married in order to make us stop and think about what we are about to do. If you are reading this and you got married for the wrong reasons, do not leave your spouse, instead change your thinking, in order to produce good […]

LIFE IN BALANCE- Are you ready?

Do think you are ready to be married?
Yes really ready, and I’m not talking about butterflies in your stomach, he/she takes your breath away; and I am not talking about setting a wedding date. This is about asking yourself questions about whether you are truly ready to spend the rest of your life living in harmony with a husband or wife.
A friend of mine posted this on her website(topeakinyemi.com) and I have her permission to share it.
1) […]

LIFE IN BALANCE-Staying Married 4

LIFE IN BALANCE-Staying Married 4
This is the concluding segment of “Staying Married”.
If you missed the last three, here are the links:
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Moving on:
Taking the other person for granted: When was the last time you told your husband or wife that you love them? When was the last time that you went out of your way to do something special for them? When was the last time you had a romantic getaway? […]

LIFE IN BALANCE-Staying Married Part 3

Continuing on with this series on staying married, I would like to address two other issues, growing apart and communication.
Grow together, not apart:
Here is a another one. As time goes by you and your spouse are not supposed to be going off on different trajectories. You get busier as you get older, and if care is not taken, a couple can grow apart as they pursue two completely different lives. There are different reasons why people grow apart. […]

Villanelle to a spouse

A villanelle is a style of poetry in which the first a third lines are repeated throughout a 6 stanza, 19 line poem in a particular style as expressed below.
This poem is part of the Shoetry collection.

Beloved, my sweetheart,
More than the world to me,
Our love is like pure art.

You have no counterpart,
From here to Galilee,
Beloved, my sweetheart.

Our joy will not depart;
A blissful jubilee,
Our love is like pure art.

Whenever we’re apart
It’s anything but glee
Beloved, my sweetheart.

A […]

LIFE IN BALANCE-Staying Married 2

In my last post I dealt with issues regarding what love really is, as well as not planning for a divorce. Moving on in part two, I will be talking about conflict resolution and honesty.
Resolve conflicts, don’t just bury them:
There are times in marriage when it is just easier to sweep the mess under the carpet than to dredge it up and deal with it. If you are in conflict with your spouse you have to resolve it. If […]