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Lessons From Kindergarten

Wow! I has just dawned on me.
Kindergarten is over! I think that at the start of the school year, I was more apprehensive about my daughter going to kindergarten than she was! I was concerned about getting her to school and back. I was concerned about school lunches being unhealthy. I was concerned about her copying bad behavior from her peers. I was concerned about her being bullied. I was concerned about the fact that she had never been […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

This is a poem dedicated to my mother and all the wonderful mothers out there who continue to nurture us no matter how “grown-up” we are , or how far away we may be. It is titled Toda Ima which is Hebrew for Thank you Mother.
Toda Ima
In the heart a need
Leading to a deed
Resulting in a seed
Toda Ima
A 9 month commitment
12 hours torment
A new life’s descent
Toda Ima
Sweet sustenance came
¬†From you, with no shame […]