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Win At Work, Win At Life: 7 Key Strategies

Although it is not rocket science, success at work does not just happen. It takes the right mindset, proper strategy, and paying attention to the environment that you work in, to make the best out of your job or career. Here are 7 Top Tips.
1. Know Who You Are And What You Bring To Your Company: If you are currently working, it means that you were selected out of possibly hundreds of other applicants for that job. While it […]

Do You Need This One Thing?

Welcome back to Balance with Dr Shola! 

I have a question for you: What holds you back? What is holding you back from achieving your best, serving God and serving your highest purpose to the world? Is it fear, rejection, attitudes, regrets, pain?

If you are having trouble with limiting mindsets, procrastination, meeting your goals, and getting organized, you may need to take it a step further- hiring a coach.

What can a coach do for you?

1 Life skills: You go to […]

One Key Ingredient For A Balanced Life: REST

Welcome back to Balance with Dr Shola!

Do you rest?
No, I am not talking about working yourself into the ground and falling asleep, stuporous on your sofa. I read a book on leadership by Reverend Nolan McCants and ironically, the first chapter is on rest! In today’s crazy world, with busy schedules, school, work, home, marriage, children, church, volunteer commitments etc, how do we get ourselves some rest?
1. Not an option: Realize that rest is not […]

5 Tips For Relationship Success

I hope that you are enjoying your PDF’s and most importantly applying them to your life. Today I would like to share a few relationship tips, that can ensure success in your relationships. I am talking specifically about non-marital relationships, although some of these can apply in marriage too.

1. You are equal. All men are created equal, in humanity. No one is superior to another person in their humanity, self worth, importance, and God’s love for them. Remembering this […]

Life Lessons From Ekene Onu

Welcome back to Balance with Dr Shola! 
Today I am sharing some word of wisdom shared by Ekene Onu. Ekene is a coach, a consultant, and a speaker who helps high potential women achieve soulful success.
Read on…
I’m reflecting on lessons I have learned over the years.
1. Resilience doesn’t mean never being hurt. It means having a quick recovery time. It also means you learn how to quickly get back up and pivot when you fall or make a mistake. In […]

10 Quotes That Changed My Life

Welcome back to Balance with Dr Shola!
Do you have any particular quotes or sayings that have been life changing for you?

Here are 10 quotes that make me think every time I read, or hear them:

1.Do something everyday that brings you closer to fulfilling your dream. Do not dedicate more to fulfilling the dreams of others than your own.

2.Marriage isn’t a passion-fest; it’s more like a partnership formed to run a very small, mundane, nonprofit business.

3. If you are approval […]

Readers Are Leaders! Are You A Reader?

Welcome back to Balance with Dr Shola!
I hope that you have enjoyed reading 2017 Life Tips From Life Coach! It is a good idea to print it out and put it on your wall, or vision board or even your desk, where you can review it from time to time.

In addition to the above I would like to share with you some of my other resources which I am really excited about.
Do you have a culture of reading? As […]

Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions!

Welcome back to Balance with Dr Shola! Do you make New Years’s resolutions? If you don’t, great! 
If you do, please just stop. 
For the following reasons:

1. A New Year’s resolution is not a strategy or plan.
2. A New Year’s resolution leaves you with nothing by way of action steps.
3. A New Year’s resolution does not provide you with accountability
4.A New Year’s resolution presumes that there is only one time for change.
5. A New Year’s resolution can keep you in your comfort […]