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Life in Balance- Attention Newlyweds

So you just got married. Congratulations!
Remember this: your wedding was not the end of a journey, it was the beginning.
Here are a few pointers that your pre-marital counsellor may or may not have told you.
1. Don’t let it all hang out: To a certain degree, you need to give your spouse respect and space and not let them see the worst of you most of the time. Let me explain. Girls, those granny knickers, ugly robe and plain-Jane pajamas […]

The Complete Woman

The smile upon her face,
The laughter in her eyes,
Hair long, bouncy, curly, short, straight or braided;
Chubby or skinny, tall or short;
A bouncing walk, a manly strut, or even a swaying glide;
Different from others, but with radiance from within:
A woman of beauty.
A complex nature,
Yet with childlike naiveté,
A mind untainted and pure, yet quick, witty, and sharp;
Quiet or bubbly, emotional or stoic,
With a great capacity to love,
The ability to touch the hardest of hearts:
A woman of character.
A commander of respect
Not […]

The 3 A’s of marriage

This is a reblog. It is a few pointers from a speech I gave at a wedding recently.
1.Accept: You should be accepting of the other person. Never communicate to your spouse that they are in some way flawed, broken, or do not measure up. Acceptance does not mean being happy with your spouse’s flaws. It does mean however, that knowing those flaws, you choose to be patient with your spouse as he or she works on becoming a better […]


Marriage was designed to be heaven on earth but if you do the following things consistently, you will be sure to have a marriage from hell!
I had the privilege of listening to Pastor Ezekiel Atang, a well known speaker on the subject of marriage and here are some of the things he shared at his last meeting.
8 ways to make you marriage hell on earth:
1. Not giving God His place in your home: God is to be acknowledged in […]

Woman on top 2( More sex tips for married women)

Back by popular demand!
More sex tips for married ladies.
1. Step up your game: Ladies, get good at being a sex goddess to your husband. Role play, acting out some fantasies( not all fantasies are within the bounds of feasible or right, so you and your spouse will have to work together).
2. Initiate: Men do not have to be the aggressors 100% of the time. Give a little. Use female dominant positions to change things up a bit. Because you […]

I Want to Have an Affair!

Reasons not to:
1. Guilt and shame will not be worth the trouble after all, even if your spouse does not find out.
2. You will be subject to mistrust of your spouse probably for years.
3. It will further undermine the chances that you will be able to save your marriage.
4. It is not honorable to your spouse and to God( remember, “thou shalt not commit adultery”. Actually, this reason alone should be enough to stop you dead in your tracks.
5. […]

Sister to Sister

Hey girls! Here a  few simple tips on your road to living a balanced life.
Your spiritual health: Stay connected to God. Take time to pray and  read your Bible. Make God your number one priority and the rest will be easier than you imagined.
Your emotional health: Stay filled with the joy of the Lord. Learn to enjoy life. Do not go through life on survival mode or you might burn out. Take a break  when you start to feel […]