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Who are my real friends? Part 1

They can sometimes be the bane of our lives, especially if they are not skillfully managed. Before I go any further, I would just like to say that no matter the relationship, people are people and will disappoint you from time to time. Study the relationships in your life. They are either adding to you or taking away from you.  I will be talking about 5 different types of relationships. This is key in categorizing, if you will, the […]

Doggy Style(Sex tips for married men)

Men! Thank God for you, but sometimes you just don’t get it! Do you know what you wife wants, do you know what she needs?
1. Give: Put your wife’s needs ahead of your own. The Bible talks about loving your wife as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it.  Selflessly, unconditionally, sacrificially.  No more, “wham, bam, thank you ma’am”.
2. Be considerate:A good number of women today, carry bigger loads than their mothers did, some without support of […]

Woman on Top( Sex tips for married women)

Women! We have become such divas haven’t we? Thank God for the freedoms of the modern world and the Christ centered mentality of good men,godly men. Ladies if our husbands are to remain happy we have to give! The Bible states that we are to walk in love.
1. Give: Put your husband’s needs above your own.
2. Talk: Tell him what you want in the bedroom. Eg “I like it when you…” NOT “Why don’t you ever….”   Tell him what […]

Are You Ready? Part 2

I recently realized that the most liked articles I have posted on this blog have been those that have to do with marital issues. This one is for ladies. It is amazing how many women get into sticky situations and marry the wrong man in spite of the warning signs.
Once again I acknowledge a lady who inspires me, Tope Akinyemi (www.topeakinyemi.com) for these tips:
1. If the person you want to marry is a loner, ie, with no friends, he […]

Think Big, Start Small, Act Now! Part 2

Continued from yesterday…..
1.Have a vision: Where do you see yourself in 12 months time, 2 years time, 5 years time. You cannot get what you cannot conceive.
2.Get organized: Decide what it is you want to do and develop a plan to pursue it.
3.Associations: Get to know people like you who are going where you are going; people who are in the process of doing what you are trying to do.
4.Mentors: Get to know people who have gone before you […]

Think Big, Start Small, Act Now! Part 1

Do you have a dream?Do you dream of being in a certain profession, starting a business, having a worldwide ministry or large charity, donating huge amounts of money to those in need? Do you think about going to school to change your career? Are you thinking about quitting a dead end job; owning your own business, writing a bestseller?
Think big!
If this sounds like the sayings of a get-rich-quick schemer, think again. There is no price to pay for thinking […]


It is said:
Guard your thoughts,
For Thoughts become Words,
Words become Actions,
Actions become Habits,
Habits become a Character,
A Character becomes a Reputation.
The above well known saying was the inspiration for the poem below, titled Consistency-
In consistency lies the power,
To succeed in life or fail;
Whatever you give yourself to,
Soon becomes a habit;
A marker of a lifestyle.
In consistency lies the power,
To make or break a man;
If you do it over and over,
It becomes like a rudder;
Steering your life’s course.
In consistency lies the power,
To build […]

Fighting Fair

                Fighting Fair
         You know those times…..big fight, you’re deadlocked, and no one is backing down, because you are both “right”.Here are some helpful tips on how to fight fair.
1. Shhhhhhhh…! Seriously,lower your  voice!The Bible says a soft answer turns away wrath.For some reason a loud angry voice yelling at you just grates on your nerves so that you cannot hear what the other person saying.All you hear is their anger.You are more likely to feel calm  if  you are […]