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Merry Christmas! I wrote the following poem, about Christmas, at the age of 19, and it is now part of the Shoetry collection.
Christmas comes but once a year,
We get together and have good cheer;
We sit around the table and dine,
Let’s not forget that bottle of wine!
Christmas hits us with a bang!
We shop for ornaments to hang,
Upon our Christmas trees and walls;
We invite all our friends to the ball.
Roast turkey, shrimp scampi, lemon meringue pie,
A sumptuous banquet […]

Our Love

If you think you don’t like poetry, you haven’t met the right poem. I hope this is the right one for you. Enjoy!
We walk:
Hand in hand, across the sands of time,
Sharing, strengthening, supporting;
Moving ahead towards our destiny.
We dance:
Cheek to cheek, across the dance floor of experience,
Growing, gaining, giving life our all;
Twirling to the songs of our hearts.
We laugh:
Loud and long, at the comedies life brings,
Relaxing, playing, going on new adventures;
And chuckling at our own private jokes.

“Your dreams are valid”- My career journey

I recently joined Toastmasters, and the following is a transcript (with a few variations) of my first speech. Enjoy and have a great week.
My name is Shola Ezeokoli. I am a doctor by day and a writer at all other times. I am also a wife, a mother, an blogger , and a marriage counsellor. I was asked to speak on the evolution of what has become my second career, my writing career. The story of my second […]

He cares

Another poem from the Shoetry collection. God cares for you, He loves you, trust in Him
When life’s storms threaten to overwhelm you,
And you feel vulnerable and exposed;
When all your courage seems to fail you,
God’s eyes are not closed.
When you are confused with no one to turn to,
Remember that God is still there;
Just pray and put your trust in Him,
He will keep you in His care.

The Complete Woman

The smile upon her face,
The laughter in her eyes,
Hair long, bouncy, curly, short, straight or braided;
Chubby or skinny, tall or short;
A bouncing walk, a manly strut, or even a swaying glide;
Different from others, but with radiance from within:
A woman of beauty.
A complex nature,
Yet with childlike naiveté,
A mind untainted and pure, yet quick, witty, and sharp;
Quiet or bubbly, emotional or stoic,
With a great capacity to love,
The ability to touch the hardest of hearts:
A woman of character.
A commander of respect
Not […]


Brighter far than the noonday harmattan sun,
Higher than the snow-capped peaks of Everest,
Deeper far than the trench of Marianas,
Stronger than a destructive tornado,
More electrifying than streaks of lightning,
Much louder than a clap of thunder,
More radiantly beautiful than a summer sunset,
More fragrant than a big red rose,
Much sweeter than a honeycomb,
Whiter than snow,
So wonderful…..
The deepest puncture wound piercing the tendons,
The literal heartbreak of a spear,
The shame of the skull place,
Redder than the blood,
Causing tears to cascade from heaven;
Tears for a […]


This poem is part of the Shoetry collection on fruit of the Spirit. Enjoy!
The baby is crying,
There are deadlines at work,
The meal is burning on the stove;
There’s a knock at the door,
My car has been towed,
But in my heart there’s the peace of the Lord.
The bills are past due,
I am late for a meeting,
The lawn mower is broken again;
My wife needs a moment,
I just stubbed my toe,
But I’m surrounded by the peace of the Lord
The peace of the Lord
Passes […]