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Woman on top 2( More sex tips for married women)

Back by popular demand!
More sex tips for married ladies.
1. Step up your game: Ladies, get good at being a sex goddess to your husband. Role play, acting out some fantasies( not all fantasies are within the bounds of feasible or right, so you and your spouse will have to work together).
2. Initiate: Men do not have to be the aggressors 100% of the time. Give a little. Use female dominant positions to change things up a bit. Because you […]


Enjoy another poem from the Shoetry collection
See and know that I am He,
I am He and beside me there is no other;
I am He the cause,
I am He the effect,
I am He who sits in heaven who rests His foot upon terra firma;
I cause:
The seas to roll,
The earth to spin,
The sun to dazzle, to warm, to blaze;
The trees to grow,
The birds to sing,
The stars to twinkle, to shine, to constellate;
I am:
The uncreated Creator,
The immovable Mover,
The unshakeable Shaker,
The unchangeable Changer,
I […]

The 3 A’s Of Marriage

This is from a speech I gave at a wedding recently.
1.Accept: You should be accepting of the other person. Never communicate to your spouse that they are in some way flawed, broken, or do not measure up. Acceptance does not mean being happy with your spouse’s flaws. It does mean however, that knowing those flaws, you choose to be patient with your spouse as he or she works on becoming a better person.
2.Adjust: In marriage you have to […]

10 Points to Ponder about Obesity

We are a fat country, the USA, 70% of us are over weight. Here are some no-frills, balanced, truthful tips to trimming off some excess fat.
1.Take responsibility: Yes, we know about the corporate fast food industry. We know that fast food is cheaper than healthier options. You however need to own your part in the whole mess. Until we take full responsibility of what goes into our mouths, we are not ready for change.
2.Know the type of relationship you […]