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This poem is untitled. I wrote it a long time ago inspired by a situation a friend of mine found herself in. It is a rhyme about unrequited love that did not end happily ever after. Enjoy!

You took my heart and crushed it.

My lady love;

I carried the flames in my heart so long,

My love for you so strong,

What could have gone wrong?

At last the flames died,

And glowing embers sighed,

In the depths of my heart,

Lady, how cruel thou art,

As you gave me the cold shoulder,

The embers, they did smoulder,

I stayed away from you,

This love of mine so true,

Its flames had to be doused,

The fires my heart housed,

Had to go out.

I tried my best,

And left the rest,

To the fates,

I thought I had won.

I caught a whiff, as I passed,

Your place, the night before last,

Of your perfume. That heady fragrance,

Brought back pictures of your radiance,

Your witty manner, your lovely features,

Combined with such a wonderful nature,

The sleeping embers rekindled anew,

Those burning fires to renew-

I knew I had to see you once again.

I knocked upon your door,

Just to see your face once more,

As you came out to meet me,

That smile again to greet me

I knew again, I was hooked,

When into those sparkling eyes I looked,

The flames burned higher,

Like a funeral pyre,

As I left you that night,

Your face in my mind’s eye bright,

I knew it would take a fight

For my heart to let you go.

*Of note, this poem is not part of the Shoetry collection*

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