Warning: Is he wife-beater?

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Warning: Is he wife-beater?

Hitting. Shoving. Domestic violence. Wife-beating. Shrouded in fear,shame and mystery, so many women are afraid to speak out. Brutal beatings sometimes end in the death of one or the other partner in the worst case scenario.

So sisters, before you end up marrying this smooth-talking man, here are some clues that he may be more prone to using his fists:

1. Frequent tantrums: Does he blow his top just because you burnt the dinner and come at you in a heated rage? Watch it.

2. Over reaction: Does he get angry over things that most people would brush aside?

3.His father hit his mother: Men who grow up with domestic violence are more likely to see it as normal, than those who did not.

4.Previous episodes: Did he hit his ex wife? Did she “make him do it”? He most likely has a problem with this

5. Hitting things and breaking things when angry: Next stop, your face

6. Unreasonable suspicion and jealousy: Pathologically jealous people are prone to extremes of behaviour.

These are not foolproof, and domestic violence can start after marriage. It is however surprising to see many women go into marriage with all the warning signs screaming at them.

Don’t become another statistic.

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