Who Else Wants To Shed That Weight?

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Who Else Wants To Shed That Weight?

The following is a guest post by Kemi Adegbite, a psychologist and behavioral change counsellor.

There are foods that I absolutely love and to live without these seemed like an impossible task. My all-time favorite is fresh baked bread and the trouble with foods that we love is that the brain helps us to love them even more. The brain is hard wired with the foods that we have fed it. So it is safe to say that my brain was hooked on bread. When I first embarked upon my journey towards weight loss and wellness I knew I would have to work hard to kick this bread habit. They say old habits die hard but I would say old habits can die fast if we train our brain to be in control. Another thing that I struggled with was gyms. I hated gyms and the idea of machines and too many people working out together. I preferred jogging or walking outside but time and weather constraints often made outside exercise difficult. This also was another obstacle I had to overcome. It is important to become aware that every time you attempt to begin a new routine or change an old one, it is not only a matter of training your body to change but also helping your brain to accept the challenge. In the process of changing behaviors whether it be for weight loss, better sleep or breaking other habits, it often appears as if you are fighting a battle with your automatic brain and your thoughts. This feeling is what makes you want to give in and go back to doing what you’ve been used to.

The big task then becomes the work of training your brain to help you in the maintenance of this new habit and not undermine your efforts. Most people struggle to lose weight because there is a good chance that they are addicted to certain foods and perhaps do not even know it. This makes the work of losing weight a task that is beyond mere will power. The work is an emotional and behavior change task that involves biochemical processes in the body and brain. The food industry is making a fortune from our misfortune as our taste, buds, sense of smell, hormones and brain pathways have been taken over and placed under control. It is very important to become accountable to oneself and become aware and knowledgeable about the negative messages we feed to our bodies and brain. In the midst of all of the volume of information that’s out there, how does one choose the most effective way to lose weight and stay healthy?


Here are the 10 steps that have worked for me.

1. Cleanse your system, it does not have to be anything radical. You can slowly incorporate more fruits and vegetables and water into your daily diet to begin a detox process.

2. Decrease the amount of processed foods that you eat:Decrease the amounts of these types of foods in your diet slowly- Sugar, Bread, Pasta, Chips. Find alternates to replace these food items, don’t quit cold turkey because the chance of relapse is higher. For example replace sugar with Maple Syrup, Try the low fat Bread, Cut back on portions, try Vegetable Chips

3. Determine that you want to lose weight to be healthier overall and not just to lose weight.

4. Make a list of types of ways that you have tried to lose weight in the past: were they effective? Why or Why not?

5. Who do you have as a support system: You need someone who is rooting for you.

6. How is your mood and your stress level: Assess your emotional health and possibly talk to a counselor or a life Coach

7. Avoid negative people in your life, they will cause you more stress and affect your progress

8. Get your Heart pumping: Move as much as you can everywhere you are. If you have a gym membership and you just cannot motivate yourself to go, you can motivate yourself to simply drive there and look around at a set time daily. Eventually you will want to try a routine even if it’s for 5 minutes a day

9. Share your journey: Talk yourself up, and get excited about it

10. Celebrate small successes

Kemi Adegbite MA,

For Wellness Coaching and Counseling Services please contact me for a free consultation- 8479439238 or email at lifeconsults@gmail.com


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