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The Balanced Life And Radical Self Care

When you live a Balanced Life, you are better equipped to handle what life throws at you.
Why do I prefer to talk about the balanced life, instead of self-care. Self-care conjures up pictures of a spa day, Massage, exercise, and sometimes people throw in meditation. The balanced life, however prioritizes total care for your spirit soul and body. It is divided into five pillars, which I call the five pillars of balance. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational. When […]

5 Tips For Relationship Success

I hope that you are enjoying your PDF’s and most importantly applying them to your life. Today I would like to share a few relationship tips, that can ensure success in your relationships. I am talking specifically about non-marital relationships, although some of these can apply in marriage too.

1. You are equal. All men are created equal, in humanity. No one is superior to another person in their humanity, self worth, importance, and God’s love for them. Remembering this […]

The Five Pillars of Balance: Parents Edition

What is a balanced child? A balanced child is one whose parents are paying careful attention to the five pillars of balance namely, spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and relational. This does not mean that you have all the answers or have it all down pat. It is the application of the five pillars of balance in order to produce a well-rounded child who is a joy to himself/herself, her parents and the community at large.
So, when it comes to […]

Avoid This Destiny Destroyer!

There is a phenomenon that can steal your joy, erase your self worth and make you miserable.
What is it? Comparisons.
That is right. Comparing yourself to others can take two forms, neither of which brings good outcomes.  
1. Comparing your inadequacies to other people’s strengths: Your best friend can sing like a canary. You cannot. You wonder what is wrong with you. Or your neighbors has a business. It is thriving. You have no business acumen and you […]

10 Tips For Healthy Relationships

No man is an island. You need people and they need you

2. Define your relationships, at least to yourself. Know who are your friends, colleagues/ business partners; mentors, proteges, and acquaintances. Not everyone that you know is a friend.
3. A friend is truthful, trustworthy, and is someone you can count if you are going through a trial.
4. You cannot be more committed to another person’s growth and change, than they are. That is not friendship, that is savior behavior. […]

10 Tips for Emotional Wellness

Welcome back to Balanced Living with Dr Shola!
This week is about another pillar of balance, Emotional Wellness. Here are 10 quick tips to improve your emotional health:

1. Realize that your emotions are to serve you, not rule you.

2. Own, accept and manage your emotions for your benefit.

3. Temper your emotions by not over reacting to minor things.

4. If you ever feel as though you are getting out of control, de escalate or remove yourself from the situation if […]

Emotional Balance

Long time no see!
The last time I posted something new, I was preparing for my first conference. Two conferences and a thriving coaching business later, I am back to blogging, about balanced living.
Happy Monday!
This week, I will be talking about the emotional pillar of balanced living.Whether we pretend to be or not, we are creatures of emotion.We laugh, we cry, we get mad.We feel things that we do not want to feel sometimes.Sometimes we “lose it”.
Emotions are important. They […]

How To Survive A Break-Up Without A Break-Down

Have you suffered a break up of a romantic relationship? Here are some tips to help you get through it. Remember time is a healer
1. Grieve your loss:
Don’t pretend that it doesn’t hurt. Don’t pretend that you are strong. Don’t pretend that you don’t cry. Take time to mourn, remember the good times but do not forget the bad times. There was a reason that you broke up. Do not wallow in grief or let it take over […]